Uh huh, sure is!

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Oh, what’s that? You want to know about me? I’m so touched!

I’m Anna. I’m 22 and I’ve just done the unthinkable and graduated university. That’s right, I’ve just opened the big book of adulthood and dived straight into chapter one.


In July 2016, I had a baby. He’s pretty much my whole world, and not just because he has to be. People talk about love at first sight, and I never thought that was a real thing until this little human being popped out of me. Now I know.

I can still vaguely remember being a directionless but content twentysomething before the kiddo arrived. Now I’m in full-blown mommy mode. I’m a babywearing, bedsharing advocate for breastfeeding and natural childbirth, and I know what acronyms like EBF, DH, and WAHM mean. The transformation happened before I even realized I was being assimilated into the Social Media Mommy Borg. I’m okay with it.

In between feeding, changing diapers, washing dishes, cleaning up the living room seventeen times a day, and doing the ever-mounting pile of laundry that comes with having a baby, I’m a professional photographer specializing in all things baby-related, which is a pretty fantastic job. People invite me over to watch them give birth, and I get to capture it all on film. And they pay me to do it. It still blows my mind.