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The Elephant Update :: Caroline is 3 Months

August 18, 2014



Caroline continues to amaze us. She’s been a great sleeper, an easy traveler, and a baby we can actually hand over to other people without major meltdowns. She’s so beautiful, so happy, so “talkative,” and still so in love with her sisters (though she’s wisely becoming more wary by the day). In the past month she’s […]

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A Tradition Lives On :: Camp Sandman

August 15, 2014



I’m big on traditions. Traditions made my childhood incredible. Every Sunday, we’d get donuts after mass. Every birthday, my Dad would make us chocolate chip pancakes. Every Valentine’s Day, my Mom would surprise us with a giant chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a heart. Every St. Patrick’s Day, we’d set up an elaborate […]

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{We have a WINNER!!!} Green Toys Giveaway

August 12, 2014



Alright everyone, I’m happy to report that we have two winners from the Green Toys Giveaway!   Before I announce the winners, I want to say thank you SO much to everyone who participated! Now…who won?!? Thanks to Random.Org, two winners were selected at random based on the number you were assigned when you submitted […]

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{CLOSED} Green Toys are the BEST Toys (Review & Giveaway for TWO Winners)

August 5, 2014



**This Giveaway is officially closed** Thanks to all who participated – The winner will be announced shortly! I play with a lot of toys. I’m a dress up expert. A puzzle master. And a LEGO builder extraordinaire. I have to be all of these things…because I’m a Mom. And since I’m a Mom who has […]

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