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Flashback Friday :: Abby’s Birthdays (1-4)

January 23, 2015

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As most of you know, yesterday was Abby’s 4 birthday.  And since today is Friday, I thought it would be fun to do a little flashback to each of her birthdays.  While some things have changed (like her multiplying sisters and the length of her hair), some have not…she still loves being sung the happy […]

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Dear Abby, Happy 4th Birthday!

January 22, 2015



What a big year it’s been for you. You started preschool, you discovered a passion for cooking (and eating), you had your first surgery, and you became a big sister for the SECOND time.  How is it possible that you’re only 4 years old? I will never forget your face when you walked into the […]

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The Elephant Update :: Caroline is 8 Months

January 18, 2015

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As I predicted last month, Caroline officially started crawling at 7.5 months. She took off one day and hasn’t stopped since. She crawls with a purpose. She crawls proudly. And she crawls faster than any of us would like her to (mainly the girls because now she can officially swipe toys from them – I […]

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I am a Tornado of Efficiency…But Not Today

January 15, 2015



Most days, I am a tornado of efficiency. By 8am, I’ve typically fed five people, done the dishes, made all the beds, and am ready for my next task – getting three girls ready to get out the door. We brush teeth, do hair, pick clothes (thankfully they will wear anything I bring down), make […]

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