Charlotte’s 6 Month Pediatrician Appointment & Stats (and other ramblings about being the 4th kid)

Oh my goodness. I’ve officially become the parent who stopped documenting one kid’s life. I’m aware now how closely I documented Abigail’s life, but I will not make fun of myself (no matter how easy it would be). That was then. I had more time, less responsibility, and well…just more time.

Anyway, three additional kids later, I’m sure you can all imagine that my days are a little different now. I rarely pull out my “real camera” (although I feel like I still do a good job of documenting life – just not as thoroughly or with as many words), I almost never have a chance to sit down to do anything (let alone write a blog post), and when I DO have free time, I’m typically helping with homework, making lunches, lecturing someone, building Legos, breaking up a fight, or writing out a new word for someone to copy/learn (see what I did there?  free time doesn’t exist anymore).


I’m here to say…we had a 4th baby! Yay! And she’s pretty darn amazing (and cute and funny and smart and all the other things we feel about our babies)!


I never wrote about her birth, or her first 5 months, or when she rolled over for the first time, or sat up for the first time, or anything that I documented for Abby…or some of the things I documented for Mackenzie…or the few I documented for Caroline…

But I’m here now. And I intend to spend some of my “free time” over the next few months updating Charlotte’s section of this blog (which I just realized doesn’t exist yet – I’ll work on that too). She may give me a hard time when she’s old enough (“there are SO many pictures and stories about Abby, but maybe THREE about me!”), but she won’t be able to say that I didn’t try…at least a little bit! See…look how cute you are, sweetie…


So here we go. Charlotte is 6 months old. Yes, I said SIX. I’m in denial. And no, Travis, that doesn’t mean I want another one…at least for now.

She is amazing. Calm, sweet, and she has the funniest (and loudest) laugh I’ve ever heard come out of a 6 month old.


She loves her family and it’s almost like she completely understands just how darn lucky she is. She has parents who adore her, sisters who protect and teach her, grandparents who spoil her (in the best way possible), and a community of friends who can’t get enough of her (or holding her, which Mommy really appreciates!).

Charlotte, I’m sorry it took 6 months to write a little bit of your story, but I promise these months have been filled with love, laughter, and a lack of quality sleep for everyone. We LOVE you! And how could we not?!?


Now let’s get to the stats.

9.28.16 (6 Month Doctor Appointment)


  • Height: 26.5″ (~80th percentile)
  • Weight: 15 lbs 4.6 oz (~45th percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 17″ (not sure what percentile)

And for fun, here are the other girl’s posts about their pediatrician appointments…

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Until next time (which I really hope is sooner rather than later),


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