Kindergarten is Coming (and so are the tears)

This week is going to be a BIG one. And I’m going to try really hard to keep it together. But that’s not going to be easy considering I’m capable of crying while watching commercials, during story time (oh my gosh, I DIE when I read “Love You Forever”), and if any of my girls draw me a sweet picture, say something kind, hug each other, hug a friend, talk about how much they love Daddy, make Charlotte smile, and well…I think you get the idea. I’m a sentimental, sappy, milestone-loving Mommy and we’re about to turn the page in this amazing story called “Life”…a new chapter is beginning…and the title is simple yet wildly momentous.

It’s called “Kindergarten” and we cannot wait to watch Abigail grow, learn, struggle, succeed, and if all goes well, flourish on this new journey.

It’s funny, there are so many thoughts going through my head right now. Abby is ready. She’s excited. She’s confident. She’s thrilled about her new backpack, her new dresses (that she’ll only wear with running shoes so she can chase the boys – she really is my mini me), and even her new hand sanitizer that comes with a built-in pencil sharpener (what are they going to come up with next?!).¬† I’ve only heard her mention being nervous once, and it was about meeting her new teacher. Completely understandable. Other than that, she’s looking forward to meeting new friends, and she’s over the moon excited to ride the bus.


I, on the other hand, am the one feeling the brunt of the nervousness. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be more excited for Abigail. But selfishly, I’m wondering whether or not we’re prepared…I’ve checked and double checked the school supply list more times than I’d like to share. I’m wondering how on earth I’ll get 4 kids out of the house and to the bus stop by 7:00am. I’m hoping that all of Abby’s enthusiasm is met with the same level of excitement from her teachers and friends. I’m praying her individuality, confidence, and genuine enthusiasm for practically everything doesn’t fade and is only nurtured. And like any other parent, I’m also praying she makes friends that will last a lifetime. Friends who like her just the way she is. Friends who challenge her to be a better person. Friends who make her smile. Friends.

I’m also hoping this new chapter doesn’t make time speed up faster than it’s already going. As ready as we all are for this new chapter, and as long as the days feel sometimes, and as excited as I am for her, all I keep thinking is that she’s going to start Kindergarten this week and head off to College next month. Cue the waterworks.

Our baby. Our first baby. The baby who cried more than any other baby, spit up more than I could handle, and laughed harder than I ever knew possible…she’s growing up. She’s the most incredible big sister, the sweetest soul, an incredibly thoughtful friend, a hugely helpful daughter, and she has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

She’s sensitive, strong, confident, humble, competitive, inclusive, and determined.

Her hard work will take her far, but her heart will take her farther.

Abigail, we love you. Your confidence in this next chapter helps ease my anxiousness.

We cannot wait to drop you off at the bus stop in a few days…and I’d just like to apologize in advance for the tears. I know you hate it when I cry. So I’ll promise you this much…I’m going to try really hard to keep it together.




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