Today’s a Good Day

You guys…for the first time in two and a half months, I am sitting here in my office with a list of to-do’s that feels manageable, a list of Thank You notes that is finally checked off, FOUR kids that are sleeping (well, one is probably just reading in her room, but that’s good enough), and the energy to open my computer and write something down.

This is a BIG deal.

For those of you who have been wondering, no, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. I’m alive. And I’m doing well. We’re all doing pretty well, in fact. We’ve obviously had our moments (like that first week when Caroline would crawl all over me to block Charlotte from eating…or when I was convinced that I’d never feel like myself again…or when Abigail and Mackenzie decided to fight every 5 minutes for no apparent reason…or…well, the list goes on).

But for the most part, I think we’re getting the hang of this whole family of 6 thing (we even managed to run our first 5k!).


We’re sleeping fairly well, the girls are happy as can be, I’ve been working out regularly (which makes everyone happier), Travis and I have been going on dates once a week…


(I know…it’s a LOT…but it’s really the only time during the week that we can actually hear each other talk), and Charlotte is quite possibly the best baby ever…


Oh Charlotte. I know most of you have probably seen pictures of her sweet smile on Instagram or Facebook by now, but there is just something special about this baby. I said it with Caroline too…it’s as if they know how lucky they are to be surrounded by so much love. By so many sisters. By two parents who adore them to the moon and back.


I’m not sure if it’s her personality and demeanor, or the fact that we’re finally “experienced” at this whole thing…or maybe a combination of the two…but I can’t really complain about her at all. I mean, I’m tired…I won’t lie…I can’t wait to sleep train her in a couple months, but other than having to wake up once or twice in the night (which compared to my experience Abigail and Mackenzie is nothing), she eats, sleeps, poops, smiles, and hangs out with her sisters. She’s not a huge fan of driving in the car, but we’re not in it enough to have that bother anyone. She’s just a sweetheart and I cannot wait to watch her continue to grow and get to know her sisters better.

IMG_0317 IMG_0332

In other news, Caroline has definitely turned into a wild and crazy two year old.


She’s feisty, and loud, and she loves to pick fights with her big sisters. But she’s also the sweetest snuggler and the most independent kid we have. She’s growing up WAY too fast. She’s even going to summer camp which starts next week. I’m so excited for her because she’s more than ready to get out there, learn, make her own friends, and share her amazing personality with the world.


And Mackenzie. I don’t even know where to begin. She goes from being the world’s sweetest and most polite kid to the world’s most demanding and rude within minutes. Talk about parenting whiplash. She’s both a joy and my biggest challenge. Overall though, she’s doing fantastic…and she’s SO smart. Just this morning while the girls were doing artwork, she colored a bunch of flowers and then said, “look Mom! I wrote your name all by myself!”  And she did. She’s three and a half. It’s very apparent she’s learning a ton from Abby and it’s so cool.


And my big girl…Abigail. It makes me feel very emotional thinking about where we started and how far we’ve come. She helped us learn so much about selflessness. She broke us in…and broke us down. She was the first one to need us for everything and now she’s the one who’s putting toothpaste on everyone’s brushes in the morning and teaching her sisters how to write letters and spell words. How does that happen in 5 short years?!?  All I know is that I could not feel more proud of who she is. She is the most thoughtful, the hardest working, and the most passionate kid I know.


So as I said, overall, things are going well. I have good days and bad days. Days where I’m so proud of them and days where I’m incredibly frustrated by them or disappointed in them. There are days that fly by and days that I want to quit at 2pm. I have days where I feel like supermom and others where I lay in bed at night wondering what I’m doing wrong. There are days I can’t wait for everyone to be out of the house and others where all I want to do is snuggle up on the couch and watch their favorite cartoon with them (or at least a cartoon that one or two of them likes while the third kid whines for the first ten minutes).

There are also days like today where I feel fairly “normal” again. Where I can sit in peace and quiet while I still have three kids sleeping (because as suspected, Abby was reading and now she’s doing artwork in the dining room). Days where I can write again, and think fairly clearly, and reflect on things.  It makes everything else feel so much more manageable.

And I promise…or at least I hope…to make this a more regular occurrence again. I have so much to catch up on and so much to fill you in on. We’ll have monthly updates for Charlotte (since I’ve already missed two), maybe a vacation recap, and much, much more.

Here’s to hoping for more days like today!

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