Pictures with Santa :: 2015

This is my second post in two days…it’s a miracle!  Well, it’s a Christmas miracle. The only reason I’m posting today is because I have some pictures that are too good not to share.

Last night, the girls and I decided that today would be the day to go visit “Santa’s workshop” (weird that it’s in a mall, but I’m glad they don’t notice these things yet). Anyway, they picked out their favorite dress up clothes (Abby picked the same dress she wore to meet Santa last year, Mackenzie picked out a ballet dress, and Caroline had no choice but to wear a dress I’ve been waiting for SOMEONE to fit in for a couple years), they practiced their requests for Santa, and they promised me that they’d use their manners.

We drove all the way out to Pleasanton (the only place I could locate Santa in the East Bay), wandered through the mall, and eventually found the jolly old fellow. The girls loved every second of it…the searching for Santa, the window shopping, and all the Christmas decorations.

IMG_4063 IMG_4062

They even loved meeting Santa, talking to him, and taking pictures with him. Well, I should say Abby and Mac enjoyed that last part. I can’t say Caroline was a big fan. She was all smiles, waves, and “Hi SANTY!!!”s until I went to put her down in his lap.  Then she turned into a little cling-on who I could barely pry out of my arms. Poor thing.

Good news is she survived. Better news is that it resulted in some amazing pictures.  I can’t even pick a favorite.

10274920151201_0005_1 10274920151201_0004_1 10274920151201_0002_1 10274920151201_0001_1

Overall, it was a great trip and fun Tuesday morning activity for our crew.


Oh, and if you’ve missed our other Santa pictures through the years, you must check out this link :: Santa and the #3JamesSisters Through the Years

Merry Christmas!


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