Pumpkin Patch 2015 (+ comparisons to 2014)

For the second year in a row, we loaded up the girls and headed off to the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm for some fun in the (HOT) sun!  And since I didn’t appear to write a blog post about it last year, I’m going to share some “throwback” pictures from 2014 as well.

First up, it’s clear the girls are still opposed to us attempting to get a picture of all three of them looking at the camera.

IMG_3223 IMG_3227IMG_4324 IMG_4348

They had tons of fun in the hay maze both years.


It’s shocking how much bigger Caroline is.


How much Mackenzie has sprouted up.


And how much older Abigail looks.

IMG_9628 IMG_3278IMG_4248

GOSH, and HOW TAN WAS I!?!  This time last year we had just gotten back from Mexico…note to self :: plan another trip to Mexico! Anyway, that’s beside the point.

Caroline still seems to love the tiny pumpkins.

IMG_3338 IMG_3335IMG_4338

Mac still loves doing this.


Abby still loves shooting balls through holes (future baller, perhaps!?).

IMG_3317 IMG_3306IMG_4223 IMG_4221

All the girls love the bean pool.

IMG_3263 IMG_3264 IMG_9644IMG_4312

They had tons of fun with the “water feature,” if you will.

IMG_3290 IMG_3276IMG_4215

And Daddy still loves these mini horse guys.


Overall, we had a great time, the girls picked out some fun pumpkins that we’ll be carving tonight, and if you’re in the market for some relatively expensive pumpkins and tons of family fun next year, check out Clayton Family Pumpkin Farm (it looks like they also have a Christmas Tree Farm, FYI!)!

Until next time,


PS – only 3 more days until we find out what baby #4 is going to be!!!


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  1. KiKi says:

    Love all theses pics! Shows just how quickly they are growing up!
    Fun, fun!!!!!

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