School Pictures 2015

Do you guys remember last year’s school pictures?  You can either check them out here or you can simply scroll down to see my side-by-side comparisons.  The changes are just too good not to document.

This year’s school pictures impressed me even more than last year’s because I feel like the photographer managed to capture REAL smiles.  These represent how the girls actually look when they’re happy.  haha…I feel like not many school pictures actually capture reality.

And just as they did last year, they were kind enough to include Caroline in these pictures even though she’s not attending the school. We’ll start with her photo (and keep in mind I’m taking pictures of pictures with my iPhone, so the quality isn’t amazing…).


Next up is Mackenzie.


And then sweet Abigail.


Last but not least, here are the two “group” shots they took.  One happened during the school day when Caroline was home with me (and I don’t think Abby and Mac could look any cuter), and the second happened when we picked the girls up from school and they offered to take one of everyone together.



And finally, the comparisons from last year.  It truly is amazing how much changes in one year!



Alrighty, happy Monday everyone!


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