Fourth Pregnancy :: Month 1 (Week 4)

Fourth Pregnancy :: Month 1 :: Week 4(ish)

About a week ago, I had a feeling I could be pregnant. I could smell everything. I was oddly emotional. I was exhausted. And I felt bloated. I took a pregnancy test, but the first one came back negative. I followed the directions on the box, gave it a few more days, and took another test. That one was positive. I knew it.

As much as I wanted to wait to tell Travis in some cute, funny, or witty way later in the day, I just couldn’t do it. I called him about 30 seconds after I found out and said, “Guess what?”

All he did was laugh. I didn’t even have to say the words. He knew it. It may not have been the most creative way to tell him, but I could tell immediately how happy he was.

We are so excited. This is exactly what we’ve hoped for (well, after realizing we were going to have more than 2 kids). The girls don’t know yet, but I can’t wait to tell them considering the fact that Abby keeps asking for “10 sisters!  I’ll help take care of 4 of them!” – the minute we do tell them, I know it’ll be the opening statement of every single conversation Abby has until the baby comes. We better wait until after our first appointment. 🙂

Anyway, here we are…fourth pregnancy…fourth set of updates.  Part of me feels like everyone is probably sick of reading about my pregnancies, but I would feel sort of bad for baby #4 if they didn’t have their own “growth story.”

So, let’s get started.

4th Pregnancy_Week 4

Age of Abigail ::
4 years, 6 months

Age of Mackenzie ::
2 years, 8 months

Age of Caroline ::
14 months

How far along:
4 weeks(ish)

How big is baby:
The size of a poppy seed

Weight gain:
0 lbs.

Maternity clothes:
None, but I’m sure I’ll have Travis bring my box of maternity clothes up from the garage fairly soon. As much as I look forward to wearing “normal clothes” toward the end of my pregnancies, I also look forward to wearing maternity clothes at the beginning of my pregnancies. 🙂

Stretch marks:

Belly button:

I’ve been super tired (ask Travis).  Right around 8:30pm, my eyes get heavy and I have a hard time staying awake for anything…even my favorite shows.

Best moment of the week:
Just like I said last time, the best moment of this week was finding out we’re pregnant! I can’t wait to tell the girls in the next couple weeks and we can’t wait to tell our families and friends.

Food cravings:

Food aversions:

I can smell everything (good and bad) like it’s hanging out at the tip of my nose. I’ve also had a few tiny waves of nausea. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get bad.


We don’t know for sure, but we’re assuming it’ll be another girl!  The plan this time around is to wait it out…I’m not going to say I’m 100% sure I’ll be able to wait to find out (because I know myself), but I feel like it would be a different experience for us that would be super special.

What I’m looking forward to:
Telling the girls that they’re going to have another baby to play with.  The only one I’ve told is Caroline, but I’m pretty sure our secret is safe with her. 🙂

What I’m nervous about:
It’s funny, I was really nervous when we found out we were pregnant with Caroline. I was nervous about juggling everyone and everything…but now that I know I can be a great Mom and wife with 3, I feel confident that it’ll be the same when we have 4. I’m slightly nervous about being pregnant with three little kids running around, but I figure I can’t get much more tired than I already feel, so it’ll all work out. 🙂 

What I miss:
Nothing yet!

Next appointment:
8.1.15 (1st appointment!)

Comparison to my First Pregnancy (Abigail):
There is no comparison to my First Pregnancy…well, what I should say is that I hadn’t blogged about my 1st pregnancy at this point!

Comparison to my Second Pregnancy (Mackenzie):
Luckily, I started documenting Mac’s pregnancy nice and early – here’s Week 4!

Comparison to my Third Pregnancy (Caroline):
Just like my pregnancy with Mac, I started documenting Caroline’s pregnancy nice and early – here’s Week 4.

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