Our Pregnancy Announcement for Baby #4

I can finally be honest with you guys. It’s about time.

Most of you probably assumed I either fell of the face of the earth all together or that I gave up on blogging, but I’m here to assure you neither of those scenarios are true. I have felt like I vanished from existence and like blogging was the last thing on earth I wanted to spend my time doing, but I swear I’ve had a very good reason for it. Most of you saw our picture on social media last week, but just in case anyone missed it, I’ll share it again.

Pregnancy Announcement #4_9.14.15

I promise I’m not here to make excuses, I am here to say that I’ve NEVER. FELT. MORE. TIRED. IN. MY. LIFE. I’ve felt more nauseous. I’ve felt more emotional. But never, ever, EVER this tired. I’m not entirely sure if it’s because it’s my fourth pregnancy in five years or if it’s simply due to the fact that I’m taking care of three other little ladies day in and day out, but I have never felt this useless.

I’ve been napping (which I’ve consistently called a “waste of time” for my entire life – let’s just say I’ve had a slight change of heart).

I’ve been going to sleep at 9pm.

I’ve been lazy with my cooking.

I’ve had a hard time mustering up enough energy and patience to feel like an awesome Mom.

I’ve cut down on exercising (from 6 days a week to 4 on a good week).

Honestly, it’s been a tough first trimester for me. I cannot stand feeling tired. I cannot stand feeling “lazy.” I cannot stand that I’ve been napping. I cannot stand that I’ve had to ask for more help. I’ve always prided myself on all that I accomplish in a day, and the past three months have taught me to let it go. Our kids are still happy and healthy, our house is still relatively clean, our fridge is still stocked (most of the time), and our family is GROWING. I’d say it’s been worth it.

PLUS, as I approach week 14 (helloooooo 2nd trimester!), I’m feeling slightly better, slightly more energized, and most importantly…I’m NOT taking a nap while the girls are napping. I’m feeling productive. FINALLY.

So with that, I’d like to say a HUGE thank you once again for all the love and support we’ve received since posting our announcement. We feel so lucky and so incredibly excited.  We cannot wait to share our love (not to mention our crazy family) with one more amazing addition.

Stay tuned for more,

Ali 🙂

PS…just for fun, here’s a little compilation of our previous announcements in case you missed them!

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