5 Cousins Under 5

Hi everyone!  I’m back!  🙂

We’ve returned from our annual summer trip to Atlanta, the girls are back in “school” (I put that in parenthesis because they only go for a few hours three times a week so I wouldn’t really consider it REAL school), I’ve almost unburied myself from paperwork, bills, and laundry, and here I am to share a couple pictures from our trip.

While the majority of the pictures I took while away were with my iPhone, there was one set of photos I was extra particular about.  Anyone who’s followed along with us over the years knows how much I love annual photos…first day of school (which I need to post), last day of school, Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc…and our annual “cousin” pictures fall into that category as well.

Having 5 girl cousins within 4.5 years of each other is just too darn cute, so pictures must be taken…especially when they love each other as much as these kids do. I just LOVE it.

So, without further ado, I want to share our annual “tree photos” (to track the growth of the girls and my parent’s “new” tree) as well as our annual “back deck” photos (to track the adorableness of these kids while being bribed with ice cream).


Tree Photos 2013

DSC_0063 DSC_0072

Tree Photos 2014

IMG_3114 IMG_3122

Tree Photos 2015

DSC_0010 DSC_0020

Back Deck 2014


Back Deck 2015


Clearly, it’s not easy to get five little girls to look in one direction at the same time, but I love these pictures anyway and they’ll be special for years to come.


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