The Elephant Update :: Caroline is 12 Months

Our youngest kid is one. Holy moly. I know I say it all the time, but it’s shocking how fast time is going. Caroline is loving life, loving her sisters, and absolutely loving the fact that she can walk now. She beams with pride when she walks across a room. She’s been healthy (knock on wood), she’s been sleeping like a champ, and she’s still the easiest and happiest baby ever.  We are so incredibly lucky.


Gosh, and look how blue her eyes are and how blonde her hair is. She is truly a mini version of Travis.


I’ll get to more details down below, but first let’s take a little walk down memory lane ::

Here she was at 1 day ::


Here she was at 1 month ::


Here she was at 2 months ::


Here she was at 3 months ::


Here she was at 4 months ::


Here she was at 5 months ::


Here she was at 6 months ::


Here she was at 7 months ::


Here she was at 8 months ::


Here she was at 9 months ::


Here she was at 10 months ::


Here she was at 11 months ::


And here she is at 12 months ::


at 12 months…

  • She is walking! She’s getting extremely confident with it and is officially able to walk across an entire room. That being said, when she wants to get somewhere in a hurry, she drops down and crawls.
  • She loves saying “hi,” “mommamommamomma,” “dadadadada,” “Addie,” and “Ma”
  • She loves her lovey and is obsessed with both her blankies
  • She’s officially drinking whole milk (yay!) and we’re working on transitioning her to a sippy cup
  • She loves blueberries, pancakes, pizza (haha, true story), mac’n’cheese, quesadillas, and apple sauce (and pretty much everything we offer her)
  • She is SUPER snuggly
  • She has a bunch of teeth, but I haven’t counted how many lately…since she’s sleeping right now, I’m not going to wake her up to find out 😉
  • She loves pretend play :: she brushes her hair with any brush she can get her hands on, she still loves “talking” on the phone, and she’s starting to enjoy dressing up with her sisters
  • She still naps twice a day and sleeps 12 hours every night
  • She’s just the absolute best

IMG_8158 IMG_8195

Until next time!


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