Dear Caroline, Happy 1st Birthday!

Oh Caroline, I don’t even know where to begin.

I’m already tearing up just thinking about what to say to you. You are the absolute sweetest baby I’ve ever known.  That’s not meant to take anything away from how wonderful your sisters are, but there’s just something in you that makes you different. I knew it from the moment you came into the world. You barely cried. You were content. You wanted snuggles and love and sleep (which I never knew existed with a newborn).

It’s as if you knew you were entering the world and joining a family who already loved you to the moon and back, so you felt like you could just relax into it. It’s also as if you knew you had two big sisters who were going to love and protect you with all their might. Ha, it’s also as if you knew you were the third baby so your crazy parents actually knew what they were doing this time around. 🙂

You had nothing to worry about. So you’ve never been one to worry.

You observe. You listen. You love. You snuggle. You speak up when you have to. You smile all the time. You laugh primarily with (and at) your sisters. Caroline, you bring so much joy to our family.

I can’t even imagine life without you in it or our family without you as a part of it.


You balance us out. You’re the calm to the crazy and the laughter to the tears. We needed you to join our family.

Knowing how much will change from your first birthday to your second, I cannot wait to watch everything that is about to happen. Your walk will turn into a run. Your babbles will turn into words. Your “speaking up” will turn into tantrums. And your relationship with your sisters will become more complex.

While all these changes will be occurring, I hope one thing never does – that you always know just how much you are loved and how special you truly are.  You are adored.

Happy birthday, Sweet Caroline.

We love you to the moon and back.

Mommy, Daddy, Abby, & Mackie

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