Caroline’s 12 Month Pediatrician Appointment & Stats


I said it on Instagram earlier today, but I think I’m in complete denial that our baby is almost one.  I guess that means she’s not really a baby anymore. She’s moving into the toddler category too fast – she’s a walking, babbling, full of personality little person.


Today marked Caroline’s 12 month pediatrician appointment. Abby and Mac joined us and they were fantastic big sisters and helpers to Mommy (thank goodness!).  Those toys in the office make a HUGE difference when it comes to keeping them entertained (Dr. Langston’s office should take note).


Caroline’s stats this time around are almost identical to when Abby was one.

  • Height :: 30″ (75th percentile)
    • Abby was 29.75″
    • Mac was 30.75″
  • Weight :: 20lbs 1oz (30th percentile)
    • Abby was 20lbs 8oz
    • Mac was 22lbs 10oz
  • Head Circumference :: 18.75″ (75th percentile)
    • Abby was 18.75″
    • Mac was also 18.75″  (they all have very big brains…) 🙂

Anyway, Caroline was all smiles and belly rubs until the Dr. came in.


From that moment on, she was a mess. It was a sad combination of tears, the most distraught face I’ve ever seen, and sheer pain when she received her shots. But I’m happy to say she survived (as did the rest of us), and her wonderful spirit was on full display when we went to the playground afterward. She is such a little ham.


Overall, I’m just happy to report that we have another very happy, very healthy kiddo!



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