Welcome to the NEW 7x7xMommy

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new and improved 7x7xMommy. I’ve been buried in updates and reformatting for the past few weeks, but it’s all been worth it (at least in my opinion…I hope you like the new design as well!).  This new layout features more pictures, better navigation, and a simplified menu. I’ve been meaning to make this switch (from wordpress.com to a self-hosted site – I won’t bore you with the details) for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time, but it’s just been far too intimidating.

That being said, I’m more than thrilled that I finally took the time to do it.

With this new design (and what feels like a fresh start in my blogging endeavors), my goals are simple ::

  1. To take better pictures
  2. To be more informative
  3. To be as honest as ever
  4. To share more life experiences

I’ve recently been inspired by an increased number of questions from friends and family and it’s just hitting me :: I actually know a LOT about having kids.  Who knew!?  All it took was having three of them to feel this way (and trust me when I say I still have a million more things to learn). 🙂

IMG_7626 IMG_7600IMG_7603

Anyway, I guess you could say I want to do better. Being a parent is hard and the more we’re honest about it and the more we share our experiences, the better.

I hope this continues to be a place you guys come for inspiration, information, and most importantly, a little laughter.

Thanks for being so supportive and here’s to my next 5+ years of writing!


PS :: I have to say a HUGE thank you to Brooke Bryand Photography and Nicole Paulson Photography for all the amazing pictures they’ve taken of our family over the years – this new site would not look nearly as nice without their amazing work. Thanks, ladies!

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