16 Ways Life has Changed from Baby #1 to Baby #3

Over the past few days, there have been numerous times where I can’t help but laugh at how my parenting style has changed since Abby was a baby. Everything was so exciting, scary, stressful, overwhelming, and NEW. As first time parents, I feel like Travis and I were relatively laid back (and the times I wanted to over think something, he would quickly remind me to calm down and not stress – it wasn’t worth it – hey, and this is one of those few times I can say that he was right 😉 ). Now that we have three beautiful little ladies, not only are we laid back, but we’re too busy to think about all the things that used to stress us out.

In some ways, I miss the extreme planning, the outfit buying, the gear researching, and the newness of it all. But in most ways, I’m loving the chaos that is our life today. There’s no time to over think, there’s no need to stress out (too much), and it’s typically too loud in the house to hear our own thoughts anyway, so we’ve just embraced our family of five in the best way we know how…with as much love and fun as possible.


As our family and parenting style has evolved, so has our outlook on quite a few things. I must say, it’s been fun to reflect on the past 4.5 years and make fun of myself. The things I used to do and worry about make me laugh. Ha, and I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing about the person I am today in another 4.5 years.  We’ll worry about that later. For now, here is my little list of how life has changed since having our first baby.

16 Ways Life has Changed from Baby #1 to Baby #3

Baby #1 :: Which cute outfit is she going to wear today?  Her socks definitely need to match.
Baby #3 :: Have I gotten her out of her pajamas this week? No? That’s okay, there’s always next week.

Baby #1 :: I hope she walks early. I can’t wait to write about it on my blog.
Baby #3 :: I hope she learns how to walk when she’s 3. That way, I can keep track of at least ONE of my kids for a little longer. (Oh, and when it happens I’ll write about it on my blog)

Baby #1 :: New food? New book? Bath time? Bedtime? New hairdo? New anything…we better break out the real camera!  It’s definitely a picture worthy moment.
Baby #3 :: Where the heck is my real camera? Looks like the iPhone will have to do…again.

Baby #1 :: Boogers are SO gross. They must be removed immediately.
Baby #3 :: What’s worse?  My baby’s boogers or my 2 year old’s disgusting diaper?  I think the boogers can wait.

Baby #1 :: Taking her to the grocery store is SO fun. She just sits and smiles at everyone and it makes their day. I’m pretty sure we’re making the grocery store a happier place. 🙂
Baby #3 :: INSTACART.

Baby #1 :: She has a tiny, cute, baby tooth coming in!  Time to break out the toothbrush – which color will she like!?  Woohoo!
Baby #3 :: When did EIGHT teeth come in?  Do I really have to brush them already?  Can her sisters do it?  Oh wait, I still have to brush their teeth too. Sigh.

Baby #1 :: This is the cutest picture ever. I MUST share it on Facebook.
Baby #3 :: Oh wait, I still do that. And I started using Instagram. And I created a hashtag for my kids. #3jamessisters #whatswrongwithme

Baby #1 :: I can’t wait for the next holiday…her 4th of July outfit is SO cute!
Baby #3 :: Wearing a Santa pajama outfit counts as a Halloween costume, right?

Baby #1 :: I’m going to avoid every possible sick person I know so she never catches a cold.
Baby #3 :: Is it possible to quarantine my baby from my two preschool aged kids? No? Crap. Sorry, baby.

Baby #1 :: I’m following a strict solid food schedule :: rice cereal first, veggies second, protein third, and fruit last.
Baby #3 :: She can eat solids now! Let’s start with cut up, left over french fries that her sisters didn’t finish. Trust me, it counts as a veggie.

Baby #1 :: No strawberries, honey, or milk before she turns one. Doctor’s orders.
Baby #3 :: She’s one, right? Wait, how old is she?  Oh crap, she just ate FOUR strawberries. Thankfully I don’t see a rash…

Baby #1 :: We need to bathe her almost every day, put her in a baby sized tub, and buy her multiple bath toys to keep her entertained.
Baby #3 :: She’s lucky to get a couple baths a week.  Sometimes it’s in a sink, sometimes it’s in the big tub, and most of the time, her sisters do all the “washing.” She comes out clean enough.


Baby #1 :: NEVER, EVER wake her up from her nap.
Baby #3 :: Wake her up, postpone her nap, deprive her of a nap, nap in the car…whatever it takes to keep the rest of the family operating.

Baby #1 :: Which homemade solid food shall I make today? Carrots or peas?  Probably peas because the green would be a funnier color on her face when I take pictures of this event.
Baby #3 :: I hope she hasn’t eaten too many of her sister’s stickers today. Wait, have I fed her breakfast yet?

Baby #1 :: She’s not allowed to watch TV until she is 2! (ha, like that happened)
Baby #3 :: Is she EVER going to just sit and watch a cartoon with her sisters so that I can get something done around here?!?

Anyway, I think you get the idea. Life evolves, we adapt, and we change. And while most things have changed since having our first baby, some things remain the same no matter how many kids you have.

Baby #1 :: Watching her learn how to do new things is incredible. Watching her find her smile, her laugh, and her personality is even better. Watching her fall down and get back up is empowering. And watching her turn into a full blown little person who can sing, dance, tell stories, ask crazy questions, and be so loving is mind blowing.

Baby #2 :: Seeing how different our kid’s personalities are is absolutely amazing. Watching our second baby turn into a big girl who was walking, talking, and making everyone laugh before her first birthday was overwhelming. And honestly, these milestones and changes were just as memorable as the first time around. Plus, the second time around can almost be more enjoyable because you’re more relaxed as parents. It’s easier to enjoy life when you’re not so busy stressing out about it. I’ve been learning that slowly but surely. 🙂

Baby #3 :: Ditto. Times two. We may have seen these milestones before, but they’re just as exciting now as when Abby and Mackenzie went through them. Plus, it doesn’t get much better than watching Caroline love her big sisters and her family SO incredibly much.


In conclusion, while our kids may be booger faced, mismatched, french fry eating messes from time to time, we’re okay with that. Those things don’t really matter anyway. What does matter is that they’re kind, loving, and extremely HAPPY little people.


I think we’re doing alright.


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  1. Kiki says:

    Oh, you are doing it marvelously!!!!!
    3 wonderful little ladies who are loved dearly!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So true…Gappy

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