The Elephant Update :: Caroline is 11 Months

Well, we’re officially at the blurry photo phase with Caroline.


She’s always moving, exploring, running away, chasing someone, or just being an overall goofball. She rarely sits still, but when she does, I’m ready!


I’m finding it hard to believe she’s been around for almost an entire year. I was talking to my Mom this morning and I was telling her how I feel like I JUST had her. I remember everything about the day she was born like it was yesterday. Our “baby” isn’t really a baby anymore. She’s a funny, friendly, feisty little person. And she’s the best.


I’ll get to more details down below, but first let’s take a little walk down memory lane ::

Here she was at 1 day ::


Here she was at 1 month ::


Here she was at 2 months ::


Here she was at 3 months ::


Here she was at 4 months ::


Here she was at 5 months ::


Here she was at 6 months ::


Here she was at 7 months ::


Here she was at 8 months ::


Here she was at 9 months ::


Here she was at 10 months ::


And here she is at 11 months ::


at 11 months…

  • she has crazy hair – it’s so fine that it doesn’t lay flat at all…it just keeps growing straight up…reminds me of someone else I know (Travis, circa 2002)T_2002_12
  • she shakes her head “no” whenever she’s doing something she knows she’s not supposed to (playing with stickers, grabbing my phone, taking Mackenzie’s lovey, etc)
  • she picks up her sister’s toy phones and says her own version of “hello” (that sounds more like “hiyaaa!”)
  • she’s still crawling, but she’s SO close to walking
  • she can go from sitting to standing without pulling up on anything (which really makes me believe she’ll start walking today – she’s definitely strong enough!)
  • she’s still nursing, but she’s weaning herself slowly – she gets too distracted when her sisters are around, so she only nurses first thing in the morning, before her naps, and before bed – everything else comes out of a bottle now
  • now that she’s healthy, she’s sleeping 12-13 hours EVERY night – it’s amazing
  • she loves dance parties as much as everyone else now and has quite the moves
  • she’s a total nut and loves her family so, so, so much!


Until next time!


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1 Response

  1. Kiki says:

    She is just way to cute! Love the comparison to Travis regarding hair 🙂 Hahaha!
    Caroline is growing up way to fast, as are Mac and Abby!!!!
    Happy 11 months Caroline.
    Love ya tons and gobs!

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