A New “Little Free Library” in Atlanta!

Just in case I needed another reason to love my parents for being so awesome, they go and “open up” a library in their front yard.


It doesn’t get much cooler than that.  I’m pretty sure my niece, Emmy, feels the same way.


I’m also pretty sure the other 30+ kids on their street and the one next to it (yes, there are THAT many kids in their neighborhood) will love it as well.  To say Abby and Mac are jealous is a gross understatement (especially considering their passion for the library’s style itself when we were voting – they INSISTED on the “rainbow colored” library).


According to my parents, it took a good chunk of the weekend trying to install the library (haha), but once it went up I have a feeling the potential frustration was replaced with pride. These Little Free Libraries are SO cool. My Mom sent out a cute newsletter to the neighborhood today introducing the new library, so I’m going to steal some of her words to describe how it works…

We are are excited to be the stewards for the Little Free Library on behalf of our neighbors and our community!

The way it works is simple:

* We initially stock the LFL with a variety of good quality books that we hope will interest our neighbors
* You stop by and take whatever catches your fancy
* You return and bring books to contribute
* LFL books are always a gift – never for sale!

Gosh, if there were more kids in our neighborhood, I would be dying to start one here!  It’s just such a neat idea.


Also, here’s a little info on the company itself.

Little Free Library is a movement started by Todd Bol of Hudson and Rick Brooks of Madison in 2010, and has grown to include little libraries in most states and dozens of countries. Little Free Library’s Mission is to:

* Promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide.
* Foster a sense of community and connection as we share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations.

If you just so happen to live in a place where something like this would make sense, I would recommend checking it out (get it? pun intended). 🙂

And in conclusion, while my parents may or may not love the new giant “rainbow” themed library in their front yard (vs. something like this or this – they couldn’t say “no” to all their granddaughters), I’m sure they will love watching everyone in the neighborhood enjoy it. Talk about a neat way to promote a sense of community, education, and the fact that reading is FUN.


Now we just need to get out there and see it in person (with a few books to contribute from California)!



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2 Responses

  1. KiKi says:

    Little Free Library is an awesome contribution to any neighborhood!
    Kids and adults alike are so excited to have one near their homes
    We look forward to having Abby, Mac and Caroline come for their next visit and pick books out to read during the day and also before bedtime
    Hey Alison, thanks for sharing about our new neighborhood Little Free Library!!!

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