Holidays Keep Getting Better :: Easter 2015

This year’s Easter weekend was pretty awesome. Every year, the girls learn more about holidays and this one was no exception. Now they both understand who the Easter bunny is, they enjoyed talking to each other about why he didn’t bring baskets for Mommy and Daddy, and in a really new development (thanks to their wonderful school), they understand the concept of Jesus.  I wish I had it on video, but Mac was running around the house a couple days prior to Easter yelling, “Jesus is risen!! Jesus is risen!!” – we’re definitely not the most religiously focused household, but we love knowing that they’re learning so much about God and Jesus at school.  Just the other day, Abby and I were talking about how Chase (from Paw Patrol) is a hard worker and takes care of other people.  She turned to me and said proudly, “Just like Jesus!” Pretty awesome.

Anyway, back to Easter.


That was one of my favorite pictures of the day. The funny ones always turn out better than the “say cheese” photos (and I particularly liked how Abby’s eyes are closed in this one).


Let’s talk about Caroline for a second. While she may not be in the same category of “understanding more” about Easter (let alone understanding ANYTHING about Easter), she still managed to have a pretty stellar day.



And we really had a great weekend (minus Mac being sick and grumpy)...


We went to an Easter event on the UC Berkeley campus where the girls went on an Easter egg hunt (and don’t tell them this, but it was certainly the lamest Easter egg hunt I’ve ever witnessed), Mac got her face painted, and Abby did some serious coloring.


On Sunday morning, we dyed Easter eggs.


And on Sunday afternoon, we had a wonderful visit with Gpa & Uncle Doug (aka – Uncle “Gug”) and enjoyed a delicious meal (Lamb with Asparagus and Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts with Bacon, and a salad straight from Gpa’s garden – yum!).


Overall, with the exception of Mac’s cold that really affected how she was feeling, it was a wonderful weekend and it makes us look so very forward to many more holidays with these awesome little ladies of ours.

We hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!


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