Green Toys Product Testing :: the Block Set

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably noticed we have an army of Green Toys in the playroom (which I wrote about a while back :: Green Toys are the BEST Toys).  We love them. They’re colorful. They’re fun. They’re environmentally friendly. And EVERYONE enjoys playing with them (including Mommy & Daddy).

That’s why when the girls were given an opportunity to do some product testing for Green Toys, we jumped on it.  The product we’re testing is called the “Block Set,” and while they may appear fairly simple they’ve been a major hit with the girls.


I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about the product testing, but I ended up surprising them after a nap with a line up of new toys mixed in with old toys.


Then I watched them play.

IMG_6644 IMG_6661

And play some more.

IMG_6682 IMG_6695

And fight over the new toys (poor Caroline didn’t want anything taken away from her).


Then, over a week or so, I continued to watch them play and observe how frequently they pulled out their new toys.  Not surprisingly, they’ve been playing with the blocks a LOT.


They seem to find new things to do with the blocks daily and even Caroline (aka – “destructo”) likes to get in on the action.


After plenty of observing, I came to these conclusions.

First Impression ::

+ The girls were SUPER excited about them
+ The blocks are very colorful
+ The girls really like the block with the unique shape (the orange one – Abby and Mac use it as a slide for their little friends)


They strongly resemble Lego Duplos
Nothing makes them super unique (for example, other Green Toys have bears to go with the train, or astronauts to go with the rocket ship, etc)

Girl’s Reaction and Usage ::

+ They’ve had them for a few weeks now and still play with them almost every day
+ They manage to come up with all kinds of things to build (grilled cheese sandwiches, musical instruments, a rocket ship, etc)


+ They use them with other green toys (it’s like they know they go together) – they’ll flip them over and use them as storage bins next to the helicopter, pretend they’re train cars, etc.

– They call them Legos
– They get frustrated when they don’t stick together well


– They’ve each pinched their fingers a couple times while trying to get the blocks to stick together better


Parent’s Reaction ::

– We feel like the set might not include enough blocks – our girls are SUPER imaginative, but I wonder how many more new ideas they’ll come up with since the blocks are fairly limited (compared to a set of Legos)
– The blocks don’t stay together very well – Travis and I have both had a hard time getting them to stick…they’re not like Legos, where they’ll click together and only come apart if you pull hard (or throw them across the room, haha)
+ The girls love them though, so they’re a great addition to the play room!


Overall, we think they’re really fun. In my “first impression” bullet points, I said that nothing makes them super unique.  Here’s what I mean :: one of my absolute favorite things about Green Toys (and I’m pretty sure the same goes for the girls as well) is the fact that their toys are unique.  As I mentioned above, there are cute little bears who ride the train, astronauts for the rocket ship, flyers for the helicopters, etc…they all have a special feature.  I personally feel like the Block set is missing that unique factor.

At the end of the day, people will still buy the set because I’m sure there are other families like us who love every Green Toy out there (and love the product because it’s so environmentally friendly), but I feel like there is absolutely room for improvement for this Green Toys product.

What a fun experience this was for the girls (and I’m not going to lie, for me too) – we hope to have another opportunity to test more toys in the future!

Until next time,


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  1. Kiki says:

    Even Kiki played with them 🙂
    I did find them difficult to stick and stay locked together.

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