a Proud Mommy Moment

I’m pretty much proud of my kids all the time (well, most of the time – it’s hard to feel proud when they’re hitting each other or screaming at me because I didn’t make their french fries “crunchy enough”).  They’re my kids – it’s hard not to feel proud.

But every once in a while, I feel so proud that I have to share it. I call Travis to tell him Mackenzie took herself to the potty. I call my Mom to tell her that Abby just completed a large puzzle in less than a minute.  I’ll even call someone just to tell them that Caroline stood on her own, unassisted, for 3 seconds before crashing to the floor on her bum.

Today I had one of those exceptionally proud moments when I picked Abby up from school. I had Caroline in my arm, Mackenzie clinging to my leg, and Abby walked up to me with a snack that one of her teachers had given her (because she’s ALWAYS hungry…I wonder where she got that from…). I said my usual hello and the director of her school happened to be sitting there, filing papers away for the workbook we’ll receive at the end of the year (which I’m dying to get, by the way).

She looked up at me and said, “Abigail’s work is SO impressive.”

I nodded and said, “yeah, she loves school – so, she’s doing well?”

Jan responded with, “Oh yes – she is SO meticulous – and her sisters are lucky to have her as their older sister.”

It’s moments like those where I feel so many emotions. I feel like Abby is loving school as much as it seems she is. I feel like Abby’s spirit and work ethic is appreciated. I feel like she feels awesome. I feel like we found a wonderful place for the girls to begin their education (thanks, Kristi!). And gosh, I feel like Travis and I are doing something right.

That’s a really great feeling as a parent. Especially when we question ourselves day in and day out about the decisions we’re making in raising our kids.

I know Abby’s special. I know she works really hard at everything she does. How could I not know that when she comes home with masterpieces like this?


Talk about meticulous.

I’m a proud Mommy today.

All I can hope is that Abby continues to work hard, love school, and always have a passion for helping me clean up (because that’s when I REALLY love how meticulous she is). 😉

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Kiki says:

    We love and are very proud of our Abbygirl 🙂 So, so special 🙂

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