Is Everyone’s Pediatrician THIS Busy?

Guys, sorry to write yet another post about the kids and their health (and my concerns), but I’m getting so frustrated with our pediatrician’s office and I’m wondering if other people are experiencing something similar.

They are too busy for us.

What I failed to mention last week in ‘My Thoughts on Measles’ post is the fact that when I called the girl’s pediatrician about it (leaving a VERY detailed message with her age and worrisome symptoms), it took them SIX hours to call me back. I called at 11am and they didn’t call me back until after hours (it was past 5:30pm).

In that same message, I told them that Mackenzie had an eye infection.

Apparently having an 8.5 month old with a rash all over her belly and her back and a 2 year old with an eye infection isn’t worth a call back in any sort of timely manner.

Are other people having similar issues with their pediatricians?

The ridiculous part is that the doctor who called us (who isn’t even my kid’s doctor) said that it didn’t sound like Caroline had measles and that we should just watch her.  She also said that they couldn’t prescribe anything over the phone for Mackenzie (even though it was clear she had an eye infection), and that THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY ROOM FOR US TO COME IN THE NEXT DAY.  No room the NEXT day. And once again, I had called about getting them in at 11am that morning.

Thankfully, Caroline’s rash went away after a few days and Mackenzie’s eye infection cleared up (after staying home from school for a day).

But here’s the kicker – guess who has an eye infection now?

Yep, this poor little lady (yet she’s shockingly smiling through everything).


I wonder who she got that from…


And get this…she’s now had this for 4 days. I called the office on Sunday (knowing no one would pick up) and got referred to the urgent care center.  I called and left them a message around 10am (they’re supposed to call back in an hour) and I didn’t hear back from them until I left another message four hours later.  I told them about Caroline’s eye and that it was very clear she had an eye infection and needed something to help it go away. I got the same story from them. They couldn’t do anything over the phone, but their clinic was too busy for us so we just had to “watch her.”

I’m sick of watching Caroline continue to be sick. I feel absolutely helpless as a Mother. I understand she’s not dealing with the worst illness in the world, and I can’t pretend to know how a doctor’s office operates, but I DO know that this doesn’t feel right.

I feel like we should be about to count on our doctors when we need them.

In just over a week, my poor baby has had a cold, a fever, a rash, and now an eye infection. They haven’t done ONE thing to help us out. All they’ve done is piss me off.

When I called her pediatrician’s office this morning (before 8am – trying to get an early message for them about getting her in), I was surprised to get a call back at 8:15am. I think they could tell I wasn’t messing around in my message. They even said they had ONE opening today at 4pm. But then they sort of back tracked and said a doctor would call me. They also said that she could more than likely be able to prescribe something over the phone for Caroline’s eye infection.



Why couldn’t they do that last week when Mac had an eye infection so that possibly, juuuuuust possibly, she wouldn’t have shared it with Caroline!?

I don’t get it.

Shockingly enough (not), it’s noon and I have yet to hear from this mysterious doctor. Am I going in at 4pm with Caroline?  I’m not even sure about that because I don’t know if they confirmed my appointment after saying a doctor would call me back.

So yet again, I have to call and leave a message and probably hear nothing for hours and hours.

Is everyone’s pediatrician this busy or is it just ours?

We’ve known for a while that we needed to find a new pediatrician in the East Bay, but now it’s more clear than ever before.

Fingers crossed for some health in this house sometime soon (and for a more attentive pediatrician who we can actually count on in the future).

Sorry for all the venting as of late…these things are driving me nutso!

Ali 🙂

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10 Responses

  1. Kiki says:

    This is absolutely crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Poor Caroline!!!!!
    Surely wasn’t our experience with Dr. Joe when you and your brother were growing up. They always made time to get you in!!!!
    I understand why you are pissed!

  2. Wendy says:

    You need a new Doctor with a more responsive staff. The current one clearly isn’t meeting your needs. I had to dump my first pediatrician when he failed to properly diagnose breathing difficulties and my son was hospitalized via an ambulance. Be proactive!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The mystery rash might be eczema, my son had a few mystery rashes that his pediatrician couldn’t decipher until he finally had a full blown eczema rash. Luckily for us, it has gone away completely – I ended up getting a humidifier and bathing him less frequently, along with using California Baby eczema wash & lotion ($45 a bottle but it really does work).

    Hope all the girls feel better soon!

  4. sarah says:

    no way… this is not ok. our pediatrician’s practice leaves a bunch of times,daily, for last minute appointments. we get in right away if serious (might not be our doc, but they are all great). they also belong to an after hours clinic that is great and very attentive. if you call their nurse advice line, call backs are within an hour or two at the most. i’d be mad if i were you, too!!!!

  5. jennmaynard says:

    You should definitely find a new doctor. We had to do that several years ago and it was such a hard decision because we LOVED our doctor, but we had to do it because we could never get in. The worst was when I tried to make an appointment ahead of time and was told I couldn’t schedule before because my child was not sick enough. I have now switched to an office, recommended by lots of friends, that has several doctors in the practice and we can always get in the same day. It was a tough decision, but ended up being great for us.

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      That’s why it’s taken us so long to change as well…for as annoying as the front office has been, we’ve absolutely loved the girl’s pediatrician. It’ll be hard to say goodbye to him, but not to the office!

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