Dear Abby, Happy 4th Birthday!

What a big year it’s been for you.

You started preschool, you discovered a passion for cooking (and eating), you had your first surgery, and you became a big sister for the SECOND time.  How is it possible that you’re only 4 years old?

I will never forget your face when you walked into the hospital room to meet Caroline. It’s burned into my memory forever because I felt so proud of you and it was obvious that you felt nothing but love for your new baby.



That love hasn’t faded one ounce. Just like you did with Mackenzie, you’ve taken Caroline under your wing. And this time, you are older and wiser (though this morning you told me your “eyes aren’t wise” haha). You are more experienced at being a big sister.  You protect her with everything you have (mainly from Mac, who’s still learning how to be gentle), you teach her everything you know, and you hug her with all your might. It makes me feel so proud and so full every time I see you interact with her.


Your relationship with Mackenzie has also grown and developed into something truly special. You are so incredibly patient with her, even when Mommy and Daddy are not. You balance each other out perfectly. You’re so sweet and calm and she’s a firecracker. She looks up to you with all her being, and you love her exactly as she is. You find her hilarious, you laugh at all her jokes, and you and I always share a silly glance when Mackie’s doing something “crazy.” You are so lucky to have each other and she’s so lucky to have you as her big sister.


You are the happiest kid. There’s always a song in your heart and a smile on your face. The constant humming is beautiful and your joy of life is contagious. Your spirit is so special.


Abby, you are the most feeling four year old I know. You are sensitive, you are aware, and you care. You are extremely empathetic – something I’m pretty sure many adults still have a hard time being. It is such a special gift you have. That being said, your sensitivity can also be heartbreaking.  When you’re feeling shy, when you’re missing friends or family, when you’re feeling left out, etc., my heart hurts because you wear your heart on your sleeve.  And as hard as it is to see you feel sad, it’s typically short lived and is more than balanced out by your joy for something else.


Your attention to detail astounds me. Your ability to listen impresses me. Your interest in helping me cook, or clean, or pretty much do anything overjoys me. You have always been my helper and I hope that never changes.

This year also marked the return of Mackenzie sleeping in the same room as you. And while I’m so happy you have your buddy back and that you sleep through the night, I’m not going to lie…I (sometimes) miss your middle of the night visits and snuggles. Good thing we have baby Caroline to make up for those… 🙂


Thankfully, your tantrums and meltdowns are decreasing daily. There are so few times I can think of where you’re freaking out about something and/or jumping up and down trying to get your way. You’re really growing up. It’s wild.


You are an incredibly beautiful girl, with the longest, darkest, curliest eyelashes I’ve ever seen, yet you seem to have no idea and/or no interest because you’re too busy acting like a jaguar, building legos, or working on some killer dance moves. And while I know someday you will actually start looking in the mirror and caring how I do your hair, I’m so glad those things are of no interest to you now.  I’m hoping that I can continue to set a good example for you as a woman and instill values that go far beyond how you look.  What makes you the most beautiful is what’s on the inside.


In this coming year, I have so many hopes for you. I hope you love the dance class you’ll be starting next week. I hope you continue to make new friends. I hope you continue to teach your sisters more about the art of lego building, the science of cooking, and the enjoyment of cleaning up (which I love you love). I hope you keep trying all the foods we prepare together. I hope you continue to find joy in everything.

More than anything, I hope you are happy. And that you feel loved.

It’s going to be a GREAT year. 🙂


Happy 4th Birthday, sweetheart!




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7 Responses

  1. Kiki says:

    OK…so I have tears in my eyes! All said is so very true about Abby-girl 🙂
    She is a bright light in this world!
    Happy 4th Abby darling 🙂

  2. Gappy says:

    A little Angel amongst us. What a blessing.

  3. Sandy says:

    Belated Happy B’day Abby! Like another poster, I have tears in my eyes too.. fun of being a mommy and being pregnant..
    She is a big girl :).. I hope that my elder one turns out to be like Abby 🙂

  1. January 23, 2015

    […] most of you know, yesterday was Abby’s 4 birthday.  And since today is Friday, I thought it would be fun to do a little flashback to each of her […]

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