Flashback Friday :: Santa Photos Through the Years

What better way to celebrate Flashback Friday this week than with a series of photos with Santa!?  We’re only a few years into Santa visits, but I already know a couple of things…

1. Abby likes him

2. Mac does not

It’s that simple. I can’t wait to see what happens next year…

So far, my favorite photo is from 2013.  That being said, they’re all fun to look at.  The only Santa I wouldn’t visit again would be the one from this year (he didn’t even ask the girls what they wanted for Christmas and there were ZERO people in line – what the heck?).

Anyway, here are our Santa photos through the years…enjoy!

2011 (Abby – 10.5 months)


2012 (Abby – almost 2, Mac – 3 weeks old)


2013 (Abby – almost 3, Mac – just turned 1)


2014 (Abby – almost 4, Mac – 2, Caroline – 7 months)


Happy Holidays, everyone!!!


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  1. April 3, 2015

    […] of all time (particularly this year).  I did a similar post around Christmas time last year (Flashback Friday :: Santa Photos Through the Years), so I didn’t want to leave out his friend the Easter […]

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