The Elephant Update :: Caroline is 6 Months


Happiest. Baby. Ever.


At least she’s the happiest baby I’ve ever had…and I feel like Abby and Mac were both super happy babies.

I don’t know, there’s just something about Caroline. She’s absolutely, 100% content. She’s happy to sit and watch her sisters play. She’s happy to go on runs with Mommy. She’s happy to sit in her highchair and watch me cook. She’s just happy. Nothing really bothers her (even when Mac knocks her over).  The only time she really gets upset is when she’s super tired…and we’ve minimized that because she goes to bed at 6:30pm now (in her crib, un-swaddled – in fact, she’s officially done being swaddled all together).  She goes down at 6:30pm, wakes up once or twice (typically around 1:00am and 5:30am), and then she doesn’t get up for the day until 8:00am.  Fingers crossed this routine lasts for a while!  It makes the days so much more manageable.

That being said, she’s trying to make Mommy’s job even harder…she’s determined to start moving.  She’s so strong that when she’s on her belly, she can lift her tummy off the ground.


As exciting as it is that she’ll start crawling…and then walking…and then RUNNING…it will make playground visits even more challenging for a little while. Chasing three kids in three directions sounds a bit daunting.  Doable, but daunting.  And that’s exactly why I’m always wearing workout clothes and running shoes…that’s the only way I can keep up with these kiddos. 😉

Anyway, I’m happy to report that everything is going super with Caroline. She makes us all feel so happy and so loved.  We just hope we’re doing a great job at returning that favor…



Now let’s take a little walk down memory lane before I get to more pictures and updates ::

Here she was at 1 day ::


Here she was at 1 month ::


Here she was at 2 months ::


Here she was at 3 months ::


Here she was at 4 months ::


Here she was at 5 months ::


And here she is at 6 months ::


at 6 months…

  • she is “talking” to us – she sounds like a dinosaur or something else that growls aggressively, but she’s definitely saying something
  • she’s getting ready to crawl
  • she’s fills out her 9 month clothes
  • she’s officially sleeping in her crib 100% of the time – completely un-swaddled
  • she still has two very sharp teeth (but she rarely bites me…thank goodness!)
  • she sleeps well…eats well…and appears to be excited about trying solid foods soon
  • she was a super cute flower for Halloween


  • and she still LOVES her sisters more than anything (although I’m starting to feel more and more that she loves me a whole heck of a lot – finally!)

Until next time!


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  1. Sandy says:

    Glad that she is doing great! She looks a pretty content baby 🙂 Lots and lots of love for and kisses for her.

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