Mackenzie’s 2nd Birthday (a low key and totally awesome day)

We seem to have a pattern going.  1st birthdays are big. 2nd birthdays are small. They’re equally exciting for the girls, yet require very different levels of energy from us (aka – from me…the planner, preparer, cooker, cleaner, etc).  Needless to say, I love 2nd birthdays. They’re awesome.


They’re easy. They’re fun. And they’re just as memorable for the girls (though I would argue they’re more memorable considering the fact that Abby and Mac have zero recollections of their 1st birthday parties).

Here was Abby on her 1st birthday (and here are more pictures) ::


And here was Mac on her 1st birthday (and here are more pictures) ::


Let’s be honest…all they really care about is the cake.


Anyway, I just wanted to post a few pictures of Mackenzie’s “big day.” We stayed home the whole day, the girls opened presents, they played with their new toys, they never got out of their pajamas (and I’m pretty sure I never did either – another plus of having a low key affair), and we ate cake.


It was the perfect birthday “party” and I’m pretty sure Mac had the best time ever.


Abby had a bit of a hard time with the fact that it wasn’t her birthday as well (check our her face in some of these pictures), but she warmed up quickly once Mac let her open a couple presents (and once she realized that new toys for Mac meant new toys for her).


We love these kids…their excitement and happiness is overwhelming in the best possible way.


Happy Birthday, Mackie!  We’re just so happy you can take your lunchbox and go to school now!



Mommy 🙂


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