Flashback Friday :: Halloween Costumes

First off, Happy Halloween!

It’s raining here in the Bay Area which is AWESOME because we need it so desperately, but I’m pretty sure that means our unicorns won’t be staying very white for very long. That’s just fine though…we’ll take all the rain we can get at this point!  I’m just hoping there’s a break in the rain this evening so the girls can actually go trick-or-treating.  Abby’s been waiting for this day for what feels like the entire year.

Anyway, since today’s Friday, I’m going to do another flashback.  And since it’s Halloween, my theme is easy :: Halloween Costumes over the past couple years!

So without further ado, check these out ::

Halloween 2011 :: Abby the Panda (a costume I made, btw) & Mommy and Daddy the zoo keepers


Halloween 2012 :: Abby the Indian Princess & Mommy (VERY pregnant Mommy) and Daddy the tribe leaders (?!?)


Halloween 2013 :: Abby the Doctor, Mac the Panda (because when you make a costume from scratch, your kid MUST wear it if it fits), Daddy the 70’s guy & Mommy the pregnant (again) 70’s wig wearer


Halloween 2014 :: Abby & Mac the “Purple Unicorn Rainbows”, Carolina the Ballerina (though tonight she’ll be a flower – pics to come – and yes, I know her real name is Caroline), & Mommy and Daddy’s costumes are TBD

IMG_9415 IMG_9460

Have fun and be safe tonight!  I can’t wait to see everyone’s awesome costumes!!

Happy Halloween from the James family,

Ali & crew

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