Our Family Vacation in Mexico (Round 2 – October 2014)

I just read my post from last year’s trip to Puerto Vallarta. We had such a great time.  Look how young the girls looked…

IMG_2766And look at them now…



Plus a new addition. 🙂



Anyway, I’m happy to report that we had an amazing time yet again. And while the flying part wasn’t exactly my favorite, we made it.  I’m also happy to report that the hardest part (the travel days) were WELL WORTH IT because the rest of our journey was wonderful. And while we spent what felt like half the time applying sunscreen, walking the girls back and forth to the bathroom, or scheduling around naps, we enjoyed (almost) every minute of our trip (plus, we got a little tan that’s fading far too quickly).

Family Pic on the First Day


Family Pic on the Last Day (we look so relaxed!)


Let’s see…as I mentioned above, we spent a LOT of time applying sunscreen.  Apparently we did the same thing last year too.  Check out this picture of Mac from last year.


And look at sweet Caroline this time around (notice all the sunscreen in her hair – she is SO fair, we didn’t want to risk her getting sun burnt at all).


The super challenging aspect to our trip this time was the fact that we had three little kids to take care of and there were only two of us. Every other family who was there thought we were “brave” (aka – crazy) for doing it on our own (everyone else had grandparents with them), but I feel like we managed quite well. Travis typically had two of the girls and I had the other one.  And since they’re not swimmers (yet), Abby and Mac both had floaties on at all times…and thankfully, Caroline loved the water so she just floated around with Mommy or Daddy.

Since I’m having so much fun doing comparisons between last trip and this one, check out Daddy with the girls and Mommy with the girls.

Daddy and Mommy with the Ladies – July 2013

IMG_3190 IMG_3164

Daddy and Mommy with the Ladies – October 2014 (notice that Abby is wearing the same bathing suit both years – haha)

IMG_3892-SMILE IMG_3911

This time around, we actually left the resort and explored the cool little surf town of Sayulita.  That was pretty awesome.  We had lunch at a little restaurant right on the water and then we roamed around the streets (where we were all BOILING hot…thankfully the girls were troopers).  It was a nice little break from the routine we were in back at Grand Velas.


What else…just like last year, the girls spent a lot of time flying high with Daddy in the pool.  Here’s 2013 with Abby (wearing the same bathing suit Mac is wearing in the picture below).


And here’s this year. Even Mac joined in on the fun.


We spent a LOT of time in the kid pool (where both girls could actually stand up) and they enjoyed playing with each other and they loved cruising around on the community alligator.


We enjoyed the views from our room, the views from the pool, and well…the views from everywhere.


And Travis and I just enjoyed spending 24/7 with each other and the girls.  While I can’t say he didn’t work at all (he was on his computer every single day), I can say that having him around during the day for an entire week was REALLY nice.  Haha, and he even admitted that he was ready to get back to work because taking care of the girls all day is stressful…go figure… 🙂

The absolute best part about the trip was the fact that the girls were SO HAPPY. They had the time of their lives. We can’t wait to go back again.

Here’s a happy Abby.


A happy Mac.


And a happy Caroline.


Last but not least, I was to say a huge thank you to Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit for taking SUCH great care of us and our girls – we hope to be back again next year!!


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