The Elephant Update :: Caroline is 5 Months

So much for the no tooth thing I mentioned last month…Caroline officially has two beautifully sharp little teeth and the both popped up within 7 days of each other.  Teething didn’t seem to affect her much, but she’s starting to realize that when she bites me, I squirm. Yay.


Anyway, everything is going really well with Caroline. She’s as happy as can be, she sleeps pretty well, she’s getting ready to sit up on her own.


She had a blast in Mexico.


And she’s just a happy camper in general.


Now let’s take a little walk down memory lane before I get to more pictures and updates ::

Here she was at 1 day ::


Here she was at 1 month ::


Here she was at 2 months ::


Here she was at 3 months ::


Here she was at 4 months ::


And here she is at 5 months ::


at 5 months…

  • she squeals a lot…happy squeals
  • she’s still rolling around and working on her ab muscles (she never wants to stay in one place)
  • she’s starting to wear 9 month clothes already
  • she’s napping in her crib, unswaddled (officially kicking Mac out of it and into a big girl bed)
  • she’s still calm and smiley
  • she’s very strong and she has one heck of a grip
  • and she’s looking forward to attending another Giants game tomorrow, a Luke Bryan concert on Friday, and Daddy’s 35th birthday party on Saturday…she’s a busy lady!

Until next time!


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