As We Prepare to Fly with 3 Kids…Again

I’m starting to feel nervous, anxious, and overly stressed out already.  I need to do laundry, pack for everyone except Travis (he would never trust that I’d pack the right Chubbies), clean the house, and shave my legs for the first time far too long. Yet here I am, writing a blog post while the girls nap. I need to do this.

I need to remind myself of what it’s like and give myself a “pep talk” of sorts…because while 1% of the time it looks like this…


99% of the time it doesn’t.

I need to prepare myself for what could be yet another horrifyingly difficult and stressful day at the airport and in the air. While my hope is that things will go smoothly, chances are they probably won’t. Because no matter how much experience we have in flying with kids (and that’s a fair amount), it doesn’t matter. We’re flying with kids. Small kids.  And kids are kids.


Sometimes kids are angels. Sometimes they’re crazy. Sometimes they scream. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes they giggle. And sometimes they laugh so loud that it’s annoying for passengers around us. Sometimes they kick the chair of the person in front of you and it’s truly an accident (I swear). Sometimes they do it on purpose. Sometimes they’ll play peek-a-boo with the person behind you and you quickly learn that person does NOT like kids. Sometimes they’ll watch a show on an iPad. Sometimes they’ll throw the iPad because it’s the last thing they want. Sometimes my 4.5 month old will sleep the whole flight. Sometimes she’ll throw up all over Mommy instead. Sometimes my 2 year old will make everyone laugh. But one time she screamed so loud she started dry heaving and made everyone around us grab anything they could to protect themselves from potential vomit. Goodness, and how about the time our 3 year old threw up on herself? We didn’t have extra clothes for her.  That was fun.

Sometimes I cry.

It only happened once, but since it was on one of our most recent flights, it’s burned into my brain and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Think my kids are annoying/wild/unruly/______(fill in the blank)? I’m sorry, but right now I do too. And they’re MINE…so think about how I feel.

On an airplane, there’s only so much you can do as a parent. And when your almost 2 year old won’t read, eat, drink, watch, sit, play with stickers, sing, talk to her sister, talk to her Daddy, etc…there’s NO ONE who wants to get off the plane more than her parents do. Trust me.

I’ve had people be kind to us. I’ve had others look at us like we’re terrible human beings for bringing our children onto a plane. There have been helpful flight attendants and then there was that one time when I was 7 months pregnant with Mac, Abby was a lap child, and a flight attendant purposefully hit my arm the second my daughter fell asleep (she, for some apparent reason, decided to dislike me from the moment I sat down).  Who does that?

Let’s just say I have very low expectations about our next flight.

Low expectations are the only thing that will get us through this. Low expectations, maybe some luck, some extreme teamwork and patience by Mommy and Daddy, and the knowledge that WE WILL LAND. We won’t be stuck in the sky forever.

Our kids will be kids. Hopefully they’ll be awesome kids who enjoy looking out the window, coloring, and watching Doc McStuffins, but there’s a much greater chance that they’ll act like tiny, emotional, illogical people who are cooped up in a tight space they don’t want to be in.

For that, I apologize to our fellow passengers in advance.

So, while I’m extremely excited to land in Mexico, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well (and by well, I mean not horrifyingly difficult) on our journey.

We just need to keep our eyes on the prize…


Wish us luck!


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10 Responses

  1. Kiki says:

    You can do it!!!!!!!!!!
    I have seen it first hand…YOU CAN DO IT and YOU HAVE DONE IT!

  2. Piper's Run says:

    Remember, you and your family have the right to fly…if they cry, scream, sing – it’s all okay! Sometimes I want to cry, scream and sing on a plane but I don’t….but I bet it feels good 😉 Enjoy your trip.

  3. Lol. On the plus side, the horrific moments make for great comedy to patents who have also lived through similar circumstances. Everyone was a child once, people often fail to remember this. Your babies will be they’ll spectacular little selves. In tears or laughter, they will give they’ll all. And at the end of the day, all will be ok. Good luck!

  4. Sandy says:

    Yes, as you said – kids are kids and if anyone expects them to behave, like adults, whose fault is it ? They are kids!!! I believe that everyone who has child(ren) understands! no worries mommy, you will be absolutely fine and they will too!

  1. October 23, 2014

    […] I’m happy to report that we had an amazing time yet again. And while the flying part wasn’t exactly my favorite, we made it.  I’m also happy to report that the hardest part (the travel days) were WELL […]

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