Instacart :: A Busy Mom’s New Best Friend

Life has been insane lately.

Insane in a good way because we’ve been traveling a ton, spending quality time with friends and family, and exposing our girls to different places and different faces. But it’s been insane.

In the past month, I feel like we’ve been everywhere but home. To kick things off, we flew from Oakland to San Diego for a family reunion. Then we made the cross country trip to Atlanta with my parents (while my Dad was on crutches – we were quite the crew at the airport).


Then after spending three wonderfully exhausting and memory making weeks in Atlanta, we flew back to San Francisco on a Tuesday night and Abby started school the following morning.


After three days home, we packed up yet again and drove down to LA for a beautiful wedding celebration.  We turned right back around two days later, made a quick stop in San Luis Obispo to have Caroline meet her great grandparents, and got home at 9:00pm on Monday night.

That would be last night.  And yes, I’m exhausted.

With this crazy schedule and three kids 3.5 and under, I am honestly not sure how I would have fed my family without the help of Instacart over the past month.  I mean, I suppose I could have figured something out, but to say Instacart has made things easier/less stressful would be an understatement.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Instacart offers same day grocery deliveries. Yes…you read that correctly…SAME DAY GROCERY DELIVERIES that can arrive in as little as an hour or two.

instacart logo

The very first time I used Instacart, it was a Tuesday morning (the morning Travis always leaves early for a meeting) and we had ZERO milk in the house. For those of you with little kids who are as obsessed with milk as my girls, you know that a house without milk is a dysfunctional house. So after freaking out about what I’d do for a couple minutes (how would I get all the girls out of the house before 7:30am to go grocery shopping without experiencing some sort of major meltdown!?), I remembered Instacart.  I signed up quickly, I picked out my favorite local store (Whole Foods), and I started shopping.  I ordered a couple gallons of milk and while I was at it, I ordered other items for the week that we were already running low on (eggs, bread, sun butter for Abby’s sandwiches, etc).  I selected “deliver within two hours” and within one hour, my personal shopper arrived at my door with two bags full of grocery goodness.

Here was my refrigerator before Instacart ::


And here it was an hour later ::


I didn’t have to get out of my pajamas or get the girls ready…our groceries came to us!

My next experience with Instacart was in Atlanta. After a SUPER long travel day, no one wanted to go to the grocery store. Not me. Not my Mom. We were EXHAUSTED. But we needed milk….again…and we needed other food items/snacky things for the girls (aka 5 boxes of mac’n’cheese, 2 boxes of “gooey bunnies,” and some strawberries). Thankfully, Instacart has a presence in Atlanta as well, so I logged in while sitting on the couch and placed an order. My personal shopper called me a few times with questions about my order and within two hours, our groceries arrived in super cool canvas bags that my parents will be able to reuse again and again.  Once again, we didn’t have to leave the house. We didn’t have to drag the girls anywhere. We just relaxed while our grocery shopping was done for us.

Since then, I’ve used Instacart two more times.  I’m actually sitting here waiting for an order to arrive since it’s the second time in 10 days we’ve gotten home from a trip mid-week and haven’t had a chance to re-stock groceries on the weekend (which is my typical routine).

I’ve absolutely loved using it for staples (milk, eggs, lemons, quinoa, kale, etc). I have yet to use it when I’m getting ready to cook something more intricate (chicken curry or something else which requires ingredients I really want to pick out myself), but I might give it a shot considering how great all my experiences have been. There have only been a couple times when my personal shopper couldn’t find something I ordered and/or had to replace it with something else, but their communication has been wonderful so I can’t complain.

As far as their pricing goes, I’ve found that some items are priced exactly the same as when I shop on my own and most other items are a little bit more (I’m talking pennies more), but I’d take that over having to pay a babysitter $20/hour to watch my kids so I can go shopping without three distractions (also known as my adorable but slightly crazy kids).

Thanks to Instacart we’ve been able to focus more on family and friends and worry less about finding time to grocery shop.  Instead of rushing home yesterday to get food in the house at a decent time, we focused on Caroline meeting her great grandparents in San Luis Obispo. I’m pretty sure that was worth the few extra bucks I paid on my Instacart order this morning…

Overall, I would absolutely recommend trying Instacart.  If you want to give it a trial run, I have a coupon code for you which can be redeemed at checkout.  It’s good for $10 off groceries + free delivery for first time Instacart users.

instacart logo_2

Coupon Code :: instacartlovesmoms 

(but I’m pretty sure Instacart loves everyone, so you don’t have to be a Mom to use this coupon code!!!)

Let me know if you have any questions whatsoever – I hope you guys find this service to be as valuable as I have!


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