The Elephant Update :: Caroline is 2 Months

Oh, sweet Caroline.


So calm. So mellow. So sweet. So pretty. So in love with her sisters.


We couldn’t have asked for a easier transition into becoming a family of five. She doesn’t cry a ton, she eats and sleeps well, she rarely spits up, she rarely blows out diapers, when she does cry it’s easy to calm her down, and the list goes on…she’s still not a big fan of heading out on errands with Mommy, but that’s just about the only struggle I’ve had with her so far.  I couldn’t feel luckier to have Caroline as our third baby…if she had been our first, we would have been in for a HUGE surprise with Abby and Mac (who were basically the opposite of Caroline as newborns).


Anyway, before I talk more about her as a 2 month old, let’s take a little walk down memory lane before I get to more pictures (which took two “shoots” to finish because I had a couple maniacs on my hands…see above) and updates ::

Here she was at 1 day ::


Here she was at 1 month ::


And here she is at 2 months (calm as can be) ::


at 2 months…

  • she is cooing and “talking” and she has the cutest little voice that fits her personality perfectly
  • she has a bad case of cradle cap in that beautiful strawberry blonde hair of hers…and a bad case of cradle eyebrows 🙂
  • she wears 3 month clothes and she’s getting longer by the day (though she’s still very lean)
  • she’s still sleeping really well, taking a 3-4 hour nap in the middle of the day and she only waking up once or twice at night
  • she is still as calm and as sweet as can be
  • she started smiling right before she turned 6 weeks and as expected based on her “sleep smile,” her awake smile is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
  • she has a very strong neck and does very well with tummy time
  • she loves laying on her play mat when her sisters are in the playroom – she enjoys looking in the mirror and “playing with” her dangling toys
  • she still drinks from a bottle when we want or need her to
  • still no pacifier for this one – she simply just doesn’t need it
  • she smiles the MOST for her sisters (she lights up when they talk to her)…followed by Daddy…followed far behind by Mommy (I know she loves me though)
  • in this past month, she’s been to another baby shower, a wedding, a bridal shower, and she’s been on 2 date nights with Mommy and Daddy (#travisandalidatenights)
  • as of today, she’s been to Child Watch at the YMCA with her big sisters and she was a rock star…fingers crossed that continues so Mommy can get “real” workouts in again!
  • she is, in one word (and at this point because it’s always subject to change), easy

Until next time!


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