The Elephant Update :: Caroline is 1 Month

Here we go again!  Caroline finally has her own monthly series of photos next to a stuffed animal…I took them two days late, but who’s counting?  I’m just proud I got around to it at all!  (now I just have a million other things I need to catch up on!)

It’s so funny how taking monthly pictures of Abby was something I was so excited about, taking monthly pictures of Mac was an activity for Abby and I to do together, and taking monthly pictures of Caroline is something I have to set reminders in my calendar for…my oh my, how things have changed!

Without further ado, here is our adorable one month old ::

IMG_1079 IMG_1072

And here’s a look back at her one day photo ::

IMG_0517 IMG_0515

at 1 month…

  • she has white eyebrows, long white eyelashes, dark blue eyes, and strawberry blonde hair – so different from the girls! So different, and so cute!
  • she wears 0-3 month clothes (she just moved up from NB yesterday…she’s so much smaller than Mac was..she’s long and lean like Abby was)
  • I still don’t want to jinx this, but she sleeps really well…she takes a 4 hour nap in the middle of the day (which syncs up with the girls naps) and she only wakes once or twice at night
  • she has a very calm, pleasant, and inquisitive demeanor
  • her sleep smile is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
  • her neck strength is pretty darn impressive
  • she drinks from a bottle when we want or need her to (so I can go to the gym on the weekends without worrying!)
  • she doesn’t use a pacifier – we haven’t even tried it – she just seems so calm to us (everything is relative, right!?), so we don’t think it’s necessary…yet!
  • she has two big sisters who adore her SO much
  • she’s already been to a Great Gatsby themed party, a baby shower, and a wine bar – go Caroline!

IMG_1045 IMG_1046

Until next time!


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4 Responses

  1. Kiki says:

    Way too cute! Love the color of her hair! Will it stay that color?

  2. Julia says:

    wow! It has been one month, time flies! and look at you mommy – you look great! Who can say that you have a month old baby ? I can’t :). She is a little cutie pie xoxoxo

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