Abby’s “Graduation” from Preschool

Hi all!

Before I get to the point of this post, I just wanted to say that we’re still alive over here, I promise. This week has been a bit of a rough one (nothing like Mommy battling a severe case of food poisoning mid-week to shake things up…), but we’re alive and well and we’re SO happy it’s Friday. Thankfully, since my food poisoning event was in the middle of the week, I think I’m almost 100% back to normal and now I’m just “normal tired,” not “I’m on my death bed tired.”

This week has also proven to be Caroline’s time to let us know she’s here…gone are the nights of one or two wake-ups and here to stay (I’m sure…at least for a while) are the nights of 4-5 wake-ups and Mommy and Daddy passing her back and forth in bed trying to figure out who can best calm her down without waking up the other girls.

Thankfully, the big girls have been AMAZING. They’ve been sleeping in longer than ever (almost hitting 6:30am or 7:00am every day this week) and they’ve been sleeping through the night without a problem (and yes, I’m probably jinxing myself by writing this). 

Overall, things are going really well, it’s just nearly impossible to keep up on all things blogging (that’s why I’d highly suggest you follow me on Instagram at 7x7xMommy if you want to keep up on pictures of what’s going on around here). Plus, in the spare time I do have (when I manage to have all three sleeping at the same time like I do now – go me!), I’m typically laying down, cleaning up the house, or crying a few quick tears because I’m hormonal, emotional, and maybe a tad bit overwhelmed.

But I can’t complain. All three girls have been amazing, Travis has been taking off more time than I ever thought he would (staying home later in the mornings, allowing me to sleep extra, coming home early almost every night, etc), and I’m feeling more rested than I imagined I would at this point.

Hey, and with my big 3-0 coming up this weekend (ahh!), a baseball game to look forward to, and my Dad “swinging by” for a few days on his way back from China, I have a LOT to look forward to and many things to be thankful for! Even with the lack of sleep and the sickness earlier in the week, life is really, really good.

And now onto the point of this post :: Abby’s Graduation from Preschool…I put it in quotes in the title because I’m not quite sure how one “graduates” from preschool, but it was a cute little gathering of all the adorable kiddos and their awesome teachers “performing” things they’d learned in school this year. New dance moves to Pharrell’s “Happy”, sign language, different languages, months of the year, etc…it was pretty darn cute.

Unfortunately, the minute Abby spotted us (and it was ALL of us – Mommy, Daddy, Mac, and Caroline – SO exciting for her), she instantly clammed up and came over to us until the “performance” was over. Such a bummer considering Abby is the biggest 3 year old performer I know, but I’m not surprised at all because that’s just Abby.  Once she was able to convince Mac to join the group, she warmed up a bit, but things were pretty much over at that point. Two peas in a pod, those two are.

photo 3 photo 1_1

Travis caught some of it on video, but I’ll have to steal his phone to grab that footage.  For the time being, here are a couple more iPhone photos from earlier…what a cute bunch of kiddos!

photo 3_1 photo 2 photo 1

All I can say is that I’m SO glad Abby’s having this incredible experience at school. It’s such a nurturing, happy place and Abby loves her teachers, her friends (especially Ella, the cute little blondie sitting next to her at the table), and all the things she’s learning.

And as happy as I am that she loves it so much, I’m just as happy to see her standing at the window when Mac and Caroline and I pick her up and she’s waving and telling all her other friends at the window that “Mommy, Bam-bam, and Caroline are here!” – it doesn’t get much better than that!

photo 4

Until my next blog post (which might be next year…) – have a GREAT weekend!


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  1. Kiki says:

    That’s our Abby 🙂
    Adores her family!

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