Fairyland in Oakland

Ever since we moved to Oakland in October (almost 7 months ago!?!), Abby has been begging us to take her to Fairyland.  We drive by it every time we head home from the YMCA and every time we leave Whole Foods (meaning we drive by that place at least 5-10 times a week).  It’s so alluring to kids with its bright, bubbly signage and its rides twinkling in the background. I can completely understand why she was so intrigued.


And while it took us almost 6 whole months to check it out, we finally had the perfect opportunity when Aunt Lynn came into town while Travis was off on a trip with his buddies.  We went on a Saturday right around 10:30am and it was certainly a popular time to go…there were kids everywhere, people everywhere, excitement everywhere. Abby was a blur to us, darting from one activity to another ::


We managed to get her and Mac and sit and watch a puppet show (that was probably the highlight of the trip being that Abby still talks about it to this day) and they did a surprisingly good job of sitting still.


We visited Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, we walked along the yellow brick road, we tried to open some doors (unsuccessfully)...


And this was one of my favorite parts…


On the not so bright side, we went on a day when both the girls were super tired, fighting off colds, and a little cranky overall…pair that with the number of kids that were there (BIG kids too…it seems like such an odd place to take older kids to me, but I guess people do it – the big kids were WAY too aggressive running in and out of displays, once knocking Abby over, scratching her head, and screaming through dark tunnels…grrrr!!!) and it was definitely a challenging task to keep Abby and Mac safe and secure.

Thank goodness I had the wonderful Aunt Lynn with me who helped SO much (and who the girls absolutely adore) and made the day a ton of fun.


I’m pretty sure the girl’s favorite part of Fairyland was its simplest attraction…a big play area that was meant for “children only.”

IMG_9449 IMG_9463

It was literally like taking them to a park. Easy peasy for us and a ton of fun for them. They could have played there all day long.

Overall, our experience at Fairyland was an exciting one and Abby can’t wait to head back again.  As a stay at home Mom who can take her kids during the week (aka – not during rush hour!), I will plan our next trip on a Thursday or Friday to avoid that crazy Saturday traffic (and hopefully to avoid those big kids who should more than likely be in school!).

Since we live 3 minutes away from the place, we may have to consider a membership as well…we’ll see how it goes the next time around and go from there!

Alrighty, well now I’m off to take care of more last minute Caroline things…we’re officially at the 10 day countdown!!!!!!!!!!!


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