Caroline’s Room (a work in progress)

As I mentioned in my 37 week post yesterday, we accomplished a lot this past weekend.


Here are some of the ways we’ve prepared for baby #3 so far ::

  1. we moved the crib into Caroline’s room
  2. we moved the matching dresser (and for those of you who may not remember, this is my dresser and my crib from when I was a baby…pretty cool that all the girls have been able to use it!)
  3. we cleaned out the car seat
  4. we brought out the 0-3 month clothes
  5. we found the swing and the little bouncy chair we’ve used for each girl
  6. we started hanging some things in C’s room
  7. Travis pulled out the pump – woohoo
  8. I located my nursing bras, baby carriers, and other necessities
  9. I brought out my trusty nursing cape and washed it
  10. we put the bassinet in our room (though it has yet to find the right place to “live”)

Overall, I’m feeling very prepared and ready for Caroline. There are still things we need to accomplish and I will probably always feel like there’s more to do, but for the most part I’m confident that we’re ready. All we really need are diapers, clothes that fit her, wipes, and a bassinet.  We have those, so we’re set.

Things we still need to accomplish this weekend ::

  1. put the car seat in the car
  2. buy a new mirror for the car and put it in so I can see Caroline
  3. packing our hospital bags (one for Mommy and one for Caroline – Daddy’s in charge of his own stuff)
  4. hang the rest of stuff in C’s room
  5. organize tiny baby diapers in one of the diaper stackers (and all over the house like we store Mac’s diapers…some in her room, our room, the playroom, diaper bags, etc)
  6. organize baby bottles
  7. organize pump (and accessories – nursing pads, bras, etc)

In fun news, Caroline’s room is coming together. It’s still a bit of a work in progress, but here are some pictures of the before (well, the “during”) and after of her room…her room that Mackenzie has officially taken over since she’s still sleeping in the crib 99% of the time. We’ll figure out what to do with that situation when we absolutely have to. For now, this is working just fine!  Everyone’s sleeping through the night and Mommy is feeling much more alive these days. I don’t even feel like I need a nap!

OK…so here’s my “put Caroline’s room together” crew starting their job ::


And here’s what they accomplished ::


Alrighty, well that’s all I have energy for now. I have two more posts that I’m behind on, but I have two weeks to catch up…I can do it!  I hope everyone’s having a great week and if you’re in the Bay Area like us, I hope you’re all enjoying this incredible weather. I am soaking up every bit of it!


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