Third Pregnancy :: Week 36

Third Pregnancy : Week 36

Week 36 Photo Series_Third Pregnancy

Oh man. I’ve officially reached the point where I’m ready to count the days until Caroline’s arrival. I’ve been feeling extremely tired, overly emotional, and relatively large in the belly region…I wonder why…

Stress is getting to me and I even had a migraine on Saturday. The blurry vision, impaired speech, and pounding head were enough to send anyone into a bit of a fret, but I was extra frustrated by the whole thing since I was just trying to enjoy the weekend with Travis and the girls. I don’t have time for migraines! There’s too much to do! Fingers crossed I’m not annoyed by more of those before May 14th.

Overall, things are still going well, I’m just really tired. I can only imagine how tired I’ll be once I have three kids to watch all day, every day!  I suppose I should enjoy only having two while I still can!  And enjoy special time with my ladies before there’s a newborn needing me 24/7.

Age of Abigail ::
3 years

Age of Mackenzie ::
17 months

How far along:
36 weeks

How big is baby:
The size of a head of romaine lettuce

Weight gain this week (followed by total weight gain for this pregnancy thus far):
1 lb (33 lbs)

Maternity clothes:
Same old, same old. I’m pretty much ONLY in workout clothes these days. Jeans are SOOO uncomfortable…all they do is slide down my belly and force me to pull them up constantly.  Talk about annoying.

Stretch marks:

Belly button:

Sleep has been a little less than awesome. For the past week, both girls have been up in the night…all nights except two nights ago. Thankfully, Travis gets them and helps them out, but I’m obviously awake during all of it. I’m just hoping for a few more nights of solid sleep before Caroline arrives. I’m actually considering separating the girls for sleep at night, but I’m not sure if that’ll make things that much better…

We’ll be making a decision on that this weekend.

Best moment(s) of the week:
Enjoying Easter with the girls.

Food cravings:
Chex, chocolate, pesto, mexican food, sushi…basically anything and everything. I’ve been very hungry this week.  I’m honestly surprised I haven’t been gaining more at the end of this pregnancy.

Food aversions:

Migraine headaches.
Itchy skin.
Weight gain.
A dark line is developing down my belly…it’s still super faint and I’m wondering why.
Swelling when I’m on my feet too long.


Caroline is a GIRL!

What I’m looking forward to:
Getting our maternity pictures taken on Saturday. We’ve had to reschedule twice, so I look forward to finally getting that out of the way. I am going to feel SUPER pregnant in these pictures…

What I’m nervous about:
Having more migraines between now and when Caroline arrives.

What I miss:
Sleeping through the night.

Next appointment:
April 28th.

Comparison to my First Pregnancy (Abigail):
Here’s Week 36!

Comparison to my Second Pregnancy (Mackenzie):
Here’s Week 36!

Until next time,

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  1. Radhika says:


    I found your site today. You have a wonderful family!! I really loved all your post which I am reading for a few hours from now. My hubby and me are planning for our first baby nowadays. We will complete three years of our marriage in this may. We are really afraid of having baby, but today as I am going through your site I find family is what you really need in life!! Thank you very much!!

    I have one question. I have recently lost weight and gained fitness after two years of constant exercising and eating healthy. Will I be able to maintain my exercise schedule after pregnancy?

    Sorry I am writing question on time when you really must be busy with all things going on. I hope this Caroline will give you more and more happiness to you and your lovely family.
    Love and greetings from India…

  2. Radhika says:

    Sorry for my bad english.

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