Easter 2014

While we didn’t have any major plans for Easter this year, we managed to have an awesome time with our little ladies (even though we may or may not have messed up which day the big Easter egg hunt was in the East Bay…whoops!).  Luckily enough for us, our girls were happy with some basket fun in the morning, a random last minute trip to San Francisco to visit the Union Street Easter Festival, and an afternoon of cleaning out the garage with Daddy and grilling up some delicious chicken kabobs with Mommy (and Daddy). It was the perfect spring day. Take a look….

Here’s what the Easter Bunny brought ::


Here’s what we did for fun in the city ::


And here’s the rest of the day (because what 17 month old doesn’t start out the day with the comics in an Adirondack chair!?) ::


We’re just trying to enjoy every last moment we have as a family of four because we know everything is about to change in three weeks…change for the best, of course…but change nonetheless. We’re giving the girls as much attention and love as we possibly can, we’re sleeping as much as the girls are allowing us to, I’m enjoying these last few weeks of cooking with only two kids crawling around my feet, and we’re just trying to keep things as stress free as possible.

We still have a few things to do (set up Caroline’s room, buy diapers, pull out the pump and all the other baby things we’ll need), but we’ll get to that this weekend or next…for now, we’re going to spend a few more days simply enjoying these two. Because how could you not!?


I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter this year!


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