Caroline’s “Theme” Animal – The Elephant

Just like Abby has her pandas ::


And Mac has her giraffes ::


We’ve officially decided on Caroline’s “theme” animal…the elephant ::


After Caroline received her first ever Christmas present from Aunt Mindy and Uncle C, we knew we were on our way to a theme thanks to the adorable elephant that came paired with a super soft baby blanket. Both the blanket and the elephant have been waiting patiently to meet their “kid.”  Here’s the elephant lovey…


A few months after that, Aunt Amaya returned from Thailand and brought home a super cute elephant…another addition to the collection!


Then Daddy found a special elephant for Caroline in Mexico.


And Mommy made a few purchases on Amazon…

IMG_9647 IMG_9650

Gosh, we even have the super sentimental (and old! almost 30 years!!!) elephant vase that my Mom received when I was born (and she gave it to me when Abby was born – look how little she is!).


I think it’s safe to say Caroline will be surrounded by elephants when she arrives…and I also think it’s safe to say her growing collection is pretty darn adorable.


If you see any awesome elephants you think we must take a look at, send me a link!  We want Caroline’s newborn bassinet photo to be just as special as her sister’s.

T-28 days until she’s here…


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4 Responses

  1. Love elephants and will keep eyes out for some more adorable ones.

    Can you believe, your third will be here in one month? Yikes! Hope you feel terrific and are looking forward to the delivery in May.

    Look for a pkg soon for Easter surprises.

    Love, Gigi and Gpa

  2. Ivy says:

    Hi. Where did you get the white elephant lovely?

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