Third Pregnancy :: Week 35

Third Pregnancy : Week 35

The girls and I are coming off a fun filled (and super duper busy) week with Kiki in town. We had school, we cooked, Abby had surgery (more on that soon), and we played a lot.  It was so wonderful. I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but it just makes me wish we all lived closer together!  The good thing is that we have another visit to look forward to in less than a month since Kiki will be heading out for Caroline’s arrival. That made yesterday’s drop off at the airport a bit more bearable.

Anyway, things are going well. I’m super tired but still feeling pretty great. I don’t feel too heavy yet, so working out is still something I’m enjoying. Going to the gym today will make four workout days in a row for me…woohoo!  And even though I keep saying I’m not nervous about having three kids, I think somewhere deep down I’m getting a little worried that I’m going to be a bit overwhelmed…I think that subconscious level of concern is taking up some of my emotional energy (and by some, I think it’s been a lot). Ugh. Sleep has never been so important for me.

Last but not least, Abby’s been having a pretty rough week or two emotionally.  We’re not sure what exactly is going on, but the amount of patience it’s taken to work with her and help her recently has been challenging.  As excited as she is that Caroline’s arriving soon, I can’t help but feel like part of it is her own nervousness about having another sister and having to share Mommy and Daddy even more than she already does. Don’t get me wrong…Abby is awesome and 90% of the time she’s her “normal” self, but the number of tantrums and the intensity of them have certainly been on the rise.  It’s been exhausting for everyone.

Fingers crossed this will all pass soon…

Week 35 Photo Series_Third Pregnancy

Age of Abigail ::
3 years

Age of Mackenzie ::
17 months

How far along:
35 weeks

How big is baby:
The size of a honeydew melon

Weight gain this week (followed by total weight gain for this pregnancy thus far):
1 lb (32 lbs)

Maternity clothes:
I’ve still been living in workout clothes and sweatpants…Travis and I went on a date on Saturday night so I was able to “dress up” a bit. It was nice to feel like a normal person for an afternoon. Thanks to Kiki for watching the girls all afternoon and evening!

Stretch marks:

Belly button:

Sleep has been pretty good. Last night was rough because both girls were up, but we’re surviving…I just want to know how it’s only 10am and it’s only Tuesday…

Best moment(s) of the week:

  1. Kiki’s visit
  2. Abby being a rock star before, during, and after her surgery
  3. Date night with Travis
  4. Getting my new earrings (my anniversary present from my awesome husband) before dinner on Saturday night – I feel so fancy…even in sweatpants!
  5. Kiki cutting my hair!

Food cravings:

Food aversions:

Weight gain.
A dark line is developing down my belly…it’s still really faint, but it’s definitely making its appearance.
Swelling when I’m on my feet too long.
Growing belly.

Super duper active as always.

Caroline is a GIRL!

What I’m looking forward to:
The weekend. Once again, HOW is it only Tuesday!?!

What I’m nervous about:
Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m nervous about having three kids.

What I miss:
My Mom.

Next appointment:
April 28th.

Comparison to my First Pregnancy (Abigail):
Here’s Week 35!

Comparison to my Second Pregnancy (Mackenzie):
Here’s Week 35!

Until next time,

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2 Responses

  1. Nesting Days says:

    My mother wrote extensively in my baby book about my tantrums when I was three. It never occurred to her, or to me for that matter, that anticipating a new baby’s arrival could have been the cause. My mother road them out, and it sounds like you are doing a great job of doing the same. I also love reading about your relationship with your Mom. I miss my mother everyday. She has been gone 16 years, and I admire her more than ever.

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      Yep, I’m really hoping that’s a big part of her behavior. And I love my Mom so much – I’m so lucky to have been blessed with the best Mom ever! And for living across the country from each other, it’s really nice that we’re able to see each other so much. 🙂

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