Babymoon #3 :: Maui & Napa

To say I’m behind on writing blog posts would be an understatement. The only topic I’ve been making time for is Caroline.  And since I was so diligent with my first two pregnancies, I would hate to slack on this one…so my weekly updates take priority and everything else has been pushed to the side.

That being said, it is my goal to write a few different posts before Caroline arrives and I’ll start with our babymoon. Our wonderfully relaxing, refreshing babymoon.


As I mentioned before we left for our babymoon, we were lucky enough to have Travis’ parents come into town to watch the girls. Without them, our babymoon wouldn’t have been nearly as relaxing, so a big thanks to Kay and Tarrel for making our kid-free vacation possible!


Now, onto the babymoon stuff…

It began in Maui and ended in Napa – not too shabby if you ask me!  I feel like each of our babymoons get better and better (here was babymoon #1 and babymoon #2) so when Travis talks about having a fourth baby (ahhh!), at least I know I would have an awesome trip to look forward to.


In all seriousness, our trip was perfect. We relaxed. We ate a lot. We tanned (as much as two extremely white people can tan). We read magazines and books. We enjoyed massages.  We socialized in Napa. We played croquet. We enjoyed each others company. We explored. We exercised. It was simply wonderful.

In Maui, we stayed at the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas. It’s funny…since it was so kid friendly, we found ourselves missing the girls because we knew how much fun they would have had. Don’t get me wrong though…we loved our kid-free trip. Take a look at our room and view…


After 5 days in Maui, we headed back to California and went straight to Napa for a relaxing (and fancy!) weekend with some of Travis’ co-workers.  We stayed at Meadowood and enjoyed our very own bungalow in the woods. It was SO beautiful. BIG thanks to Travis for having such an awesome 2013…the trip to Meadowood was the perfect end to our babymoon.


After being gone for a week, we were obviously SOOOO ready to get home to the girls. Luckily, we headed home on a Friday so we were able to spend time as a family and get our lives back in order before starting the new week.  That’s the perfect way to end a vacation.

Here’s to another amazing babymoon – thanks to Travis for making it happen, and thanks to his parents for allowing it to be kid free!


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