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A couple months back I was lucky enough to receive a box of maternity clothes from an Australian based company, Eve of Eden, in exchange for an honest review of what I received. After wearing the clothes a few times (and waiting for my belly to grow larger), I finally decided that today was the day I would head outside, take some pictures, and write my review.  The first pictures you’ll see (of a grey sweater) were taken two weeks ago when my belly was smaller and the rest happened this morning during Mac’s nap.  I am currently 29 weeks pregnant.

Yes, I felt very silly taking pictures of myself in different clothes and no, I am not comfortable with styling myself or with having to stray from my side braid, but I did my best and I am happy to talk about the clothes I received.

Please ignore my pasty white legs that haven’t seen the sun since our trip to Mexico last June, the fact that only two of my toenails are slightly painted (more than likely also from our trip to Mexico last June), the fact that I very obviously need to cut my hair off (at least the old color…I promise I never went for the “ombre” look, it’s just what I’m rocking naturally right now), and all my silly “I-have-no-idea-how-to-pose” poses.

I’m very flattered that Eve of Eden reached out to me to collaborate with them and I love having more options when Travis and I head out on dates. So without further ado, let’s get to the review.

Item #1 :: Maternity/Nursing Sweater in Stone (on sale for $48.00)


Likes ::

  • Comfort– It feels just like one of the sweatshirts I already wear around the house, but it actually fits me correctly thanks to the room for my belly.
  • Maternity and Nursing Top – I love buying maternity clothes that also work after baby arrives. It doubles as a nursing sweater (thanks to the buttons in the front) and I for one know how important comfortable, easy to access clothes are while nursing.
  • Color – I’m big on black and grey, so the Stone works well with my “comfy” wardrobe.

Dislikes ::

  • Neckline – I don’t find this sweater to be extremely flattering. The only part I’m not a fan of is the neckline. I would definitely wear it around the house, but I’m not sure I would feel super awesome about the fit elsewhere.

Item #2 :: Bird Print Maternity/Nursing Shirt (on sale for $61.00)


Likes ::

  • Print – I love the print…that’s why I selected this shirt to try. I wear so much black and it’s nice to switch it up from time to time.
  • Fabric Material – This shirt is so incredibly soft and comfortable. I love the fabric. It gives me a “dressier” look (yes, this is dressy for me) without feeling stiff or stuffy.
  • Maternity and Nursing Top– Just like the nursing sweater above, this shirt is meant to double up as a nursing top.  I would definitely use it for that purpose when out and about.
  • It’ll accommodate my growing belly until the end – There is a lot of space in this shirt for baby Caroline to expand comfortably. I really like that because at the end of my last pregnancy, I was having a hard time finding clothes that fit over my belly.

Dislikes ::

  • Neckline – As much as I hate to say the same thing twice, I’m not a fan of is the neckline either. I wish I loved it because the shirt is wonderful in so many other ways. I just feel like it would have been nice if it could open up a bit more to show some neck.

Item #3 :: Long Sleeve Black T-Shirt (on sale for $43.00)


Likes ::

  • Color – As I said above, I love black. It’s easy, it looks good with everything, and it’s flattering.
  • Comfort – This shirt is SO comfortable. I’ve worn it many times since I was ~22 weeks pregnant and it’s grown with my belly very well. It’s stretchy and I just absolutely love the way it feels. It also washes very well and comes out looking just as nice as when it first arrived.
  • Versatility – As I just mentioned, a black shirt like this goes with everything. I’ve mainly worn it with jeans, but I just bought a maxi skirt that I cannot wait to pair it with!

Dislikes ::

  • Nothing – I love this and would take it in every color if I could!

Item #4 :: Blue Striped Nursing Dress (one sale for $63.00)


Likes ::

  • Color/Pattern – I love that it’s blue. It’s a nice departure from all the black I wear.
  • Comfort – This is just as comfortable as the t-shirt above. The fabric is strechy and wonderful. Just like the shirt, it’ll grow with me until the end.
  • Maternity and Nursing Dress – It’s another one of Eve of Eden’s maternity/nursing options and I love that. Once Caroline arrives, I look forward to wearing dresses when the weather warms up and being able to nurse while wearing a dress will be completely new to me. I’m excited to try it out!

Dislikes ::

  • Length – My only wish is that this dress were longer. That being said, I’m 5’10”, so it would probably work for most people. But for me, I’d just want it to be another couple inches longer so I didn’t feel so bare. Other than that, I love it!

Item #5 :: 3/4 Sleeve Body-Con Maternity Dress (on sale for $65.00)


Likes ::

  • Color – It’s black. I love black. I wore this on the last date we went on and I felt very dressed up and sexy in it. I paired with with tights and some heels and called it a night.
  • Comfort – Same as before with the last two items…this dress is SO comfortable. The fabric is stretchy and wonderful.
  • Maternity and Nursing Dress – Yet again, it’s a maternity and nursing top, so it’ll do double duty for me. Love that.

Dislikes ::

  • Length – Same as above. I just wish it were longer. When I wore it with tights, it was perfect, but my bare white legs are far too pasty to wear a dress this short without another layer.  Keep in mind I’m really tall so if you’re not and you’re looking for the perfect little black dress (while pregnant!), this is an awesome choice.

Overall, I really like the clothes Eve of Eden has to offer and I would definitely recommend trying out their products (especially these super comfy, form-fitting t-shirts and dresses).  The comfort level on all the items is extremely high and when you’re pregnant, you know just how important that is. It’s also nice getting out of my workout clothes every once in a while to feel a bit more “human” – these clothes are perfect for that.

Signing off until next time!


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5 Responses

  1. How great you look when pregnant, Ali! This blog has proven to be an income producing site, huh? Can’t sneeze at “free clothes” for you and the girls. . .and you don’t have to go shopping. Yay!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Your hair looks darker in the top photo, did you dye it brown? Looks nice both ways! 🙂 The black top is my favorite on you, looks great.

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      I didn’t dye it…that’s my natural color. My hair just looks darker when it’s all up because you can’t see the old color (the lighter color) at the bottom. 🙂 Soon enough I’ll chop off the old color so it’s all one color! And thanks! That’s my favorite one too 🙂

  1. March 18, 2014

    […] been living in bathing suits this week. We went to one dinner where I dressed up and wore one of my Eve of Eden dresses (the blue striped dress)…it felt good to dress up for something…I even wore lipstick! […]

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