Third Pregnancy :: Week 28

Third Pregnancy :: Week 28

Week 28 Photo Series_Third Pregnancy

Age of Abigail ::
3 years


Age of Mackenzie ::
15 months (so excited to be in a picture today…)


How far along:
28 weeks

How big is baby:
The size of a head of a large eggplant.

Weight gain this week (followed by total weight gain for this pregnancy thus far):
1 lb (22 lbs total)

Maternity clothes:
Same old story. Primarily workout clothes with some maternity stuff thrown in the mix. Let’s just say I’m definitely not a contender for “most stylish pregnant person around.”  Oh, and I’m perfectly fine with that!

Stretch marks:

Belly button:
Innie, but starting to creep out a bit like last time.

As long as the girls are sleeping well, I’m sleeping well. With that said, this week has only been okay. Mac has some teeth coming in and she wakes up screaming at night…that always wakes Abby up and then we get to play the game of “what the heck are we going to do with them tonight!?”  Most of the time, it means Abby sleeps with us and Mac gets sent back into her room once the screaming ends.  It works fine, but I’m ready for those teeth to just break through already!!!  And it’s definitely a good thing we go to bed so early because they’ve been waking up just before 6am this week. Not a bad thing (we need to get up anyway), but I could use another 20 minutes.

Best moment of the week:
This one’s easy – receiving my dream minivan.  I didn’t have to settle for anything less than what I wanted (which was what we were afraid of after trying to find what we wanted for a week). Woohoo!


Food cravings:
Chex. Travis keeps bringing Chex into the house (since they’re Gluten Free) and for whatever reason, I can’t keep my hands off of them. I can eat an entire box in two days. Go figure.

Food aversions:

Additional Stress.
Weight gain.
Growing belly.
My red spots are getting more red.
General tired feeling.
Sometimes Caroline moves into strange, uncomfortable positions. Ugh…not my favorite…luckily, it never lasts that long.

She’s super active and Travis loves being able to feel her rolling around in my belly at night. She seems so much bigger than 2 lbs!

Caroline is a GIRL!

What I’m looking forward to:
Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii…followed by Meadowood in Napa for a couple days…as much as I’ll miss the girls, I won’t lie – I cannot WAIT to have a break (and I’m pretty sure I deserve one!).

What I’m nervous about:
Having a baby on the Bay Bridge.

What I miss:
Having my parents live 10 minutes away. It’s almost been 2 years since they moved back to Atlanta, but I miss than now more than ever!!

Next appointment:
March 14th.

Comparison to my First Pregnancy (Abigail):
Here’s Week 28!

Comparison to my Second Pregnancy (Mackenzie):
Here’s Week 28!

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