Dream Turned Reality (Really Quickly!)

It wasn’t long ago that I was dreaming of owning a minivan

Just a few short weeks later, I’m officially cruising around in this bad boy ::


I’ve already used this incredible, 8′ long built in shop-vac multiple times (and I was secretly excited when Abby spilled her bag of Cheeze-Its all over the car on our first trip) ::

IMG_8612 IMG_8608

We have two happy campers in the back seat (but who prefer to sit in the front seats) ::

IMG_8617 IMG_8547 IMG_8553

We have storage for days ::


We have automatic doors ::


And we’re just happy all around ::


I was telling Travis and my Mom today that for whatever reason, I’m feeling less stressed out. I’m so excited we have a car that will work with all the kids. I’m so thrilled that my doors unlock at the push of a button (and open at the push of one as well). And I feel so safe driving around.

I’m feeling more ready than ever for Caroline to join the fam!!

Woohoo 🙂

7x7xMommy – the happiest minivan owner on the block 🙂

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  1. February 25, 2014

    […] moment of the week: This one’s easy – receiving my dream minivan.  I didn’t have to settle for anything less than what I wanted (which was what we were […]

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