Halloween 2013

Halloween gets better and better every year.


I loved Halloween SO much as a kid and having kids of your own allows you to relive the awesomeness of the day every single year. It’s pretty great. And while I may not have been fully decked out like I was last year or the year before, I followed Travis’ lead and at least sported a partial 70’s look ::

IMG_5772 IMG_5771

Doctor Abby was rocking her scrubs ::


And Mackenzie made for the perfect panda bear (remember Abby two years ago in the same costume?  Can you tell they’re sisters!?) ::


Travis, as always, was in the spirit with his thoroughly impressive 70’s outfit (something about being pregnant made me not want to wear my 70’s inspired bare midriff costume) and we had the best time trick-or-treating through Piedmont with some wonderful friends.


We also had fun the night before carving pumpkins.

IMG_5741 IMG_5713 IMG_5694 IMG_5703 IMG_5681

We love dressing up. We love Halloween. And of course, we LOVE candy (and I think it’s safe to say Mommy has the biggest sweet tooth in the family). We’re already looking forward to next year’s festivities when we’ll have a third little kiddo to dress up with the fam!

And on a random note, I apologize for my lack of writing lately. We moved from San Francisco to Oakland almost two weeks ago and we’ve been swamped in boxes and settling in ever since. Soon enough, we’ll be able to relax and I’ll have the time (and more importantly, the energy) to write again. Until then, I’ll continue to post updates on Instagram…make sure to follow me there!


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