The Raffi Report :: Mackenzie is 11 Months

Someone’s excited that she’s 11 months old…


What a crazy month it’s been. Mackenzie is thriving in her little world. She’s sleeping like a champ, trying every new food in sight, growing teeth like a shark (her current count is 11), and attempting to walk on her own (but she’s still too hesitant in her abilities to go powering down the hallway like Abby did at 11 months). She’s the happiest, sweetest, most vocal little lady and as always, she’s completely smitten with her big sis.


It’ll be so fun when she’s the one who’s idolized by the newest addition to the family.  For now, she’s the best little sister in the whole world and we’re enjoying watching her personality continue to blossom on a daily basis.


Let’s take a little walk down memory lane before we get to the good stuff – more 11 month pictures of Mackenzie!

Here’s our 1 day old ::

Here she was at 1 month ::


Here she was at 2 months ::


Here she was at 3 months ::


Here she was at 4 months ::


Here she was at 5 months ::


Here she was at 6 months ::


Here she was at 7 months ::


Here she was at 8 months ::


Here she was at 9 months ::


Here she was at 10 months ::


Here she is at 11 months ::


Until next time!


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6 Responses

  1. Danielle O. says:

    Noah and MAC look so much alike! It’s kind of crazy!

  2. cookiesncream says:

    Where did you buy Mac’s cute leopard footie? 🙂
    Cannot believe how much she has grown!

  1. April 15, 2015

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