Potty Training a Two and a Half Year Old

My oh my…where do I begin?

Life has been so busy, so hectic, so enjoyable, so exhausting, and so overwhelming lately. Apologies for the lack of writing but every time I’ve had a few moments to myself lately, the last thing I’ve felt like doing is opening up my computer to compose a full thought. More often than not, I take those 20 minutes (because that’s approximately how much downtime I have to myself from the hours of 7am-9pm) to stare off into space. It’s all I can get myself to do.

Why the exhaustion?

Well, we’ve been consumed by a few things in the past month or so that have required a lot of time and energy.  And while I planned on writing a long blog post about everything (house hunting, potty training, etc), I’ve decided that I’ll chop it up into a few.

We’ll start with potty training.


It’s officially happened. We’ve potty trained Abigail. And while I can’t say it’s been exhausting or a ton of work (it’s actually been shockingly easy), it has required quite a lot of patience (which we all know can be a bit tiring). It’s taken a conscious effort to make many trips to the potty, it’s involved the cleanup of a few accidents (though not as many as I thought there would be), and it’s created a new challenge at parks and other public places where I’m helping Abby go potty while wrangling baby Mac at the same time.

BUT…it’s been an enlightening experience because of how simple it’s been. Abby was ready. She decided she was ready a few weeks ago. She showed interest in going to the potty, in washing her hands (“soap my hands!!!”), and most importantly in wearing big girl underwear (and a cute book from Abby’s Great-Grandparents definitely helped with that – check it out if you’re thinking about potty training your daughter – it’s called Princess of the Potty). 

Here’s why I think it’s been relatively easy and why it’s worked…

We didn’t push her. We didn’t bug her about it. We didn’t tell her she had to.

She just did it. And we encouraged her. And we’ve had fun with it.

IMG_4481 IMG_4487 IMG_4483

We gave her a couple high fives and a whole lot of positive reinforcement but never made a huge fuss about it.

When she’s had her accidents, we haven’t made a big deal out of them. We simply remind her where she’s supposed to go when she has to go potty.

She loves being the “big girl.” And I must say, I love that I’ve officially purchased my last box of size 5 diapers for Abigail and that our waste output has decreased dramatically in the past couple weeks.

Abby still wears diapers during her nap and at nighttime, but for the most part she’s rocking big girl underwear. On occasion, she wears pull-ups when we’re out and about (because Mommy’s not fully convinced this is happening for real), but ever since last week she’s only peed and pooped on a potty. Even when we go to the YMCA in the afternoons, she’s been brave enough to ask the workers there for help to go potty. I’m glad she feels comfortable enough to do that.

She’s growing up and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

Potty Training_September 2013

Oh, and for those of you who are thinking about starting the process of potty training, I’m going to write another post about the items we’ve found helpful. Stay tuned for that (hopefully I post it before we’ve potty trained Mac as well – at this rate, I’m not entirely convinced that will happen)!

Until next time,


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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Bless her heart 🙂
    She is such a big girl now 🙂
    Love her so!

  2. Kay Cunningham says:

    We’re so proud of our big girl, Abby! Congrats. Kay

  3. Kelly Brown says:

    Thanks for sharing your potty training experience. For someone who is preparing to potty train their child this is very helpful.

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