Atlanta’s Oldest Continuously Operating Fire Station

My parents happen to live a few short blocks from Atlanta’s oldest continuously operating fire station and I just so happen to have a daughter who’s obsessed with “FIRE ENGIIIIIIIINES!!!” – do you think our latest adventure was a hit???

Absolutely. Look at that face.


On Thursday, all the ladies (Mommy, Kiki, Abby, and Mac) headed up the street to visit the fire station in hopes of learning a bit about it (well, let’s be honest – Abby wanted to learn and Mommy and Kiki just wanted to check out the hunky dudes!).



Unfortunately for all of us, the firemen were headed out on some errands (yes, they run errands) so we didn’t get to drool over them (I mean talk to them) for long. They were very friendly, gave Abby a hat, waved goodbye, and were off. On the bright side, Abby was perfectly content with the brief visit and enjoyed wearing her hat more than anything else.




Gotta love the way Abby was wearing her hat, right?

It was such a fun little adventure. We even managed to snap some awesome photos with Kiki.

IMG_3645 IMG_3659 IMG_3642

The best part of all, however, came later in the day when we headed out for a long walk. Abby insisted on bringing her new hat (shocking, right?) and we headed off on our next adventure. When we rounded the first corner, we heard sirens in the distance. Abby turned to me, shouted “FIRE ENGIIIIIINES!”, and quickly put her special new fire hat on. I turned the stroller as fast as I could so she could see the street and about 5 seconds later, fire truck #19 (the same truck from our morning adventure) was barreling down the street.

As we sat there watching them (well, Abby was cheering them on more than simply watching) , we watched as each of the firefighters turned and saw Abby. And while they were busy heading off to something important, you should have seen their faces light up as they recognized her from the morning and saw her wearing the little red hat.

It was absolute perfection. For everyone involved.


Such a fun adventure in Atlanta!  We look forward to heading back to the station to reminisce with the firefighters.

Until next time,


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