Sharing is Caring :: 1st Shared Bath!


It took 7 months for me to feel confident enough in Mackenzie’s sitting abilities to put her in the tub alongside Abigail (Mac has been sitting since 5 months but Abby tends to be VERY active in the tub and I didn’t want her to tackle Mac before she was ready).  I’m pretty sure they enjoyed it…


It also looks like there’s absolutely no turning back now (and since Abby specifically asked for Mackenzie to join her in the tub last night so she could splash with her, I think this is one activity Abby likes to share with Mac).

Mac LOVED splashing.


Abby loved watching Mac splash.

Mac loved watching Abby play.


Abby loved entertaining Mac.


And I think it’s safe to say Mac just enjoyed being near her sister (as usual).


Here’s to years and years of fun sharing experiences!


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