4 Additional Must Have Baby Items (0-6 Months)

Hello again!

I’m following up on my 14 Must Have Baby Items (0-6 Months).


Well, it’s because I wrote this list when I only had one baby. Now that I have two, I have additional insight on some helpful (and fun) items to get you through the first 6 months.

Each baby is so incredibly different (cliche, yet true), so here are the items we’ve found essential for our day to day life with Baby Mac.  I never knew that I’d feel like a new Mom again after having Abby, but when Baby Mac joined the family I felt as if I’d never taken care of  a baby before in my life. (and I hope I’m not the only person who’s felt that way after having a second kid!?)

Anyway, the list is ever-evolving, but here are the most essential items I’d add at this point ::

4 Additional Must Have Baby Items (0-6 Months)

1. a Book on Sleeping:  Abby was a great sleeper. Well, let’s be honest, she wasn’t a super-duper-awesome-sleep-through-the-night-all-the-time kind of sleeper, but she did pretty darn well. So well, in fact, that we never stressed out about her sleep habits. She slept through the night at a young age and we had the typical setbacks (teeth, colds, new bed, etc), but nothing terrible.

Mac is another story. She’s been a terrible sleeper from day one and we take full credit for it.  We let her believe that the moment she started crying, we’d pick her up (and yes, we’ve been kicking ourselves for months now because of it).

We’ve been worried that she’d wake Abby up…we’ve been worried that she really needed us…we’ve been worried about EVERYTHING (plus she’s never taken a binky or a bottle, so my boob has been the only thing to pacify her), so she got into a habit of waking up every hour and a half from the hours of 7:30pm – 5:00am (and would get up at 5:00am for the day).

Talk about brutal.

We literally felt like the zombies on The Walking Dead. It was not pretty. (and Travis, do I get extra awesome wife points for referencing one of your favorite shows?  I think so…)

Back to my point...everything changed when we read one book. It helped set us straight, think logically, and change the bad habits.  Nothing’s perfect and we still have nights where we’re ready to rip our hair out, but for the most part this book has improved our lives immensely.

If you’re having trouble sleeping at all, give it a shot.

And let’s put it this way…if you’re interested in having a well rested baby, this is what they look like (easily entertained by her big sister)::


If you’re interested in having a baby who doesn’t get enough sleep (not to mention the fact that you aren’t getting any sleep either), this is what they look like (easily irritated by her big sister) ::


Buy the book. Thank me later. I’ve already thanked my sister-in-law a couple hundred times (this may be an exaggeration, but every thank you has been from the bottom of my heart).

Also, if you’re pregnant or thinking about having kids, read this book. If you do, you won’t even consider giving into the bad habits. You’ll go into parenthood fully prepared with the knowledge I wish I had 6 months ago (and for that matter, 2 years ago!).

Our Sleep Book of Choice:  Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

2. Video Monitor: We didn’t purchase a video monitor until Abby moved into her big girl bed. Simply put, we wanted to see what on earth she was doing in her room with her new found “freedom.”  Once we had it, we kept asking ourselves why we hadn’t chosen a video monitor to begin with (and yes, cost had something to do with it).

Honestly, the video monitor is one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.

Is it expensive? Yes.

More expensive than a regular monitor? Absolutely.

But is it worth it? Heck YES.

It’s especially worth it if you have a dramatic kid like Abigail who cries just for crying’s sake. When you can actually see her sitting up in her bed crying dramatically and know that she doesn’t actually need anything, it’s incredibly helpful. If you can’t see that and all you can do is hear the intense crying, you think they MUST need you.

Guess what?  More than likely they don’t need you at all.

They just want you.

this picture is from Feb...no, she doesn't use a binky anymore

this picture is from Feb…no, she doesn’t use a binky anymore

Do yourself a favor…save yourself some trips into your baby’s room…buy a video monitor.

It’s well worth it.

Our Video Monitor of Choice: Motorola MBP 36 3.5″ Color Video

3. Diaper Bag: I had no idea how much I’d use my diaper bag. I loved my first diaper bag. It was practical, easy to clean, and it matched most of Abby’s clothes (haha), but it was missing one thing :: true style (as if I have “true style” – haha).

It was a diaper bag I would use when I was out with Abby, but I’d transfer all my Mommy items (wallet, chapstick, etc) into a purse if I did anything without the kids.

All that transferring ended up driving me nuts.

Luckily enough for me, I have an amazing (and SUPER stylish) sister-in-law who gifted me a new diaper bag…the second generation, if you will.

The grown up version of a diaper bag. The diaper bag I could use even when the kids weren’t around.

It may seem silly to some people to invest in a diaper bag…like, really invest (warning :: it’s expensive)…but for me, it makes sense. I take it everywhere, use it ALL the time, and know it will get use for many years to come (I don’t talk about baby #3 for nothing!).

To top it off, my wonderful husband isn’t embarrassed to tote it around even if I’m not present. I’m not sure if he was a fan of the pink polka-dots on diaper bag #1…

Our, well…MY Diaper Bag of Choice: Storksak Elizabeth Leather in Dove Grey 

4. White Noise: This should be paired with the book on sleeping, but I figured I’d let it stand alone because of how important I think it is.  It’s funny, we used white noise with Abby when she was a newborn but somehow forgot all about it when we had Mac. We didn’t use it with her until she was 4+ months old (way to go, Mommy & Daddy).

Ever since introducing it, she’s slept so much better thanks to the sounds of the ocean, river, and rain (quite the tropical and extravagant combo, right? It must have been that week Mac spent in Mexico while still in the womb).


In short, white noise helps your baby feel more comfortable with this new, crazy (super quiet) world they’ve entered. It takes them back to a time long ago, when they were hanging out peacefully in the womb. There was noise and there was rhythm and that was what they grew to love.

As new parents, we tend to think our babies want peace and quiet but that’s probably what’s freaking them out the most. They weren’t used to peace and quiet.

Noise helps. It may seem crazy, but it’s true.

Here’s a great list of all the reasons babies love white noise (and why we as parents should embrace it as well!) :: Why Babies Love White Noise

Our White Noise iPhone App of Choice: Relax Melodies

Alrighty…and that completes my additional list of the Must Have Baby Items (0-6 Months) :: if you started here, be sure to go back and read the original list of Must Have Baby Items.

Also, in the comments on my first posting (here), you’ll see some additional recommendations.  I think they’re great suggestions and while I was toying around with adding them in as well, I decided to keep this list short and sweet (otherwise this list could be 100 items long, easily).

That being said, I’m always interested in hearing about other items that worked for other families (being that baby #3, if we’re lucky enough to go that route, will more than likely be different than both Abigail and Mackenzie).

Please feel free to add your ideas in the comment section below and we can continue to build an awesome guide for new parents!

Thanks for reading,


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6 Responses

  1. Starr says:

    I am SO in agrement!! Our video monitor and white noise are MUST HAVES!! We love our Motorola monitor, and also have the Wi-fi Foscam so we can watch O on our iPhones remotely whenever we miss her 🙂

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      We’re currently thinking about ordering a Dropcam ( https://www.dropcam.com/ ) for travel purposes…I’ll have to do a review once we get it in place. 🙂

      • Starr says:

        Ok, why did you tell me about this, haha! Hubby and I are huge gadget junkies and now I may have to get this one, too btw, the foscam is half the price and also has an iPhone app, but I had to brush off my IT skills to get it up and running. The in-home viewing part is simple, it’s the remote access that’s a bit trickier. The drop-cam definitely seems more user friendly, esp if you won’t always have admin access to the router/network you’re connecting to. Looking forward to reading about it!

        • 7x7xMommy says:

          haha…well I can’t wait to test out the dropcam myself (though the foscam sounds interesting as well!). I just emailed them this morning and they’re actually going to send me one to review and (I’m pretty sure) one to giveaway as well…hopefully I’ll be able to set up an awesome review and giveaway in the coming weeks! Stay tuned 🙂

  2. Sokie says:

    And a cozy sleep sack completes my list. Here’s the best suited for San Francisco climate… http://www.babydeedee.com

  1. April 26, 2013

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